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Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay
Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

OS: Android

Version: 4.1

Size: 99M


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You will run a restaurant in this game with Gordon Ramsay. There are many episodes available. Of course, at the beginning you only need to make some simple dishes. But in later episodes, you will learn to make more complex dishes and you will use more cooking tools. Actually, if you have already played similar cooking games, it is rather simple for you to play this game. Everything will be natural. You will easily get familiar with all procedures. But it is okay if you just forget how to make a certain dish made of several ingredients. You can just tap on the food that a certain customer ordered, and the steps will pop up. But it is very important for you to collect the gold coins. And sometimes you will even earn a bonus if your performance is good enough. So if it is possible, it is better for you to get all the three stars at the end of each level. And if you need to serve for several customers, there is no need for you to collect all the payments one by one, you can just swipe to collect multiple payments at the same time. It can help you save your time. You will have a rich menu in this game. You will unlock new items on the menu one by one. First, you will try to make some simple food like Paleo burger. This is the simplest item on the menu. You can just get some ground chuck from the plate and grill it up. The grilling process will take some time. After it is done, you can take it off the heat and serve it to your customers. The thing you need to know is that you must take the food off the heat as soon as possible when it is done. Otherwise, it will be overcooked. And there is no way for you to serve overcooked food to your customer. But there is always some second choice. You can put it into the dustbin. The consequence is that you will lose some scores because it is definitely not a very good thing to waste food. So the wise thing is to always concentrate on your time left. But once you get the trick of how to make a certain dish, you will just have to do that process one more time for the next customer. If you aim to become a master chef and then you should set a high cooking standard for yourself and grill the patty beautifully. You should know that actually there are many restaurants around. Chefs here can also make burgers and other food. But you must make sure that the burger out of your hand is full of love and warmth. So you must sacrifice more attention to make your food perfect. If you can do all these things, which can help win a good reputation for your restaurant. And in the meantime, it will bring lots of profits. The most important thing is to enjoy the process of making a simple and stunning burger. You can just imagine that you are making the most delicious burger in this world. You will find that things are comparatively easy in the first episode. But when you move on to the second episode, you will find that your task is to make more complex dishes based on the simple dishes that you have already finished in the first episode. So it means that if you want to make perfect and delicious food in the second episode, you must first make sure that you already remembered clearly how to make the simple food contained in the first episode. So there is no need for you to hurry. Practice makes perfect. You can just first get familiar with all the procedures of how to make a simple burger in the first episode, and then try to move to the next episode. Otherwise, it is very likely for you to get frustrating when you are trying to make the food contained in the second episode. Even if you think that it is very simple to grill the beef and put it in the bun. You should pay attention to all the details. This is the only way for you to make more profits. And this is the only way for you to help your restaurant to get an advantage in the competitive food market. When you make enough money, you can try to upgrade your restaurant in order to earn more profits. You can try to upgrade your grill, your grill storage, your cola dispenser and condiments topping station. It is definitely necessary for you to upgrade your kitchen appliances. In this way, you can serve your customers faster. So it is a kind of investment to upgrade your kitchen appliances. And you should also remember to review your suppliers on a timely basis. Of course, except for the burgers, you can make other wonderful food, including onion rings, fried items and some drinks. So what are you still waiting for? Your customers are already queuing up for your restaurant day of service. It is a very bad idea to keep them waiting for you for a very long time. And the most most important thing is to remember to collect profits when they show up. So it is time for you to feel free and customize yourself a bit more. When you are ready, just click the begin button to start your cooking journey. Your customers will not be happy if you serve an incomplete dish. So be careful! Now get back to cooking and serve for your customers!

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Travel around the globe and master your skills in unique restaurants w/ Gordon Ramsay as your guide! Build your restaurant empire!

Use strategy along with your culinary skills and battle other players or friends online to reach the top of the leaderboards!

Create your chef’s own personal look with the all new avatar system, a first for any DASH game!

Got what it takes to compete with the best? Face Gordon Ramsay and others in new Boss Battles!

Upgrade your recipes for even better rewards by collecting rare and unique items throughout the game!

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
-This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.
- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: www.Glu.com/privacy
- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

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