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Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 63M

Developer:Office Create Corp.

* For reference, The Cooking Mama game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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If you always have a soft spot for cooking games, you will definitely like this one. It includes all the basic elements you would expect from a cooking game. You will enjoy yourself a lot by following a fairly "realistic" looking steps. You will find for the first time in your life that cooking can be such an amazing thing. You will start with a series of recipes. After you get familiar with these recipes, you will be given other fabulous dishes for you to try. This is a perfect simulation game. And you will find that the music is happy all the time. You can get a certain kind of encouragement from such wonderful music. Since this is a family game, it is also suitable for your child to play this game. It will help your child know all the basic steps of cooking through a variety of mini games. If you would like to follow the recipe, it is certain that you will end up with a tasty dish. Of course, Mama will be very proud of you. And this is also a really wonderful way for you to improve your cooking skills. In the meantime, it may provide you with some creative insights about making a certain dish. At the end of each level, you will be presented with the food that you already cooked. You can choose a beautiful background and take a photograph of the delicious dish to share it on popular social media platform. If you want to get some media credit for your wonderful cooking skills, it is worthwhile for you to do so. And there is no need for you to worry about that the food out of your hand is not perfect enough because the photograph will beautify your dish no matter how poor it is. It always looks perfect when it is time to take a photo of it. But if you want to make the most amazing dish, you must be patient. It will take you some time to make a dish because there are so many procedures. The good news is that Mama is always cheering you up beside you. So when you have nothing else to do and if you want to really learn some cooking skills, it is time for you to get into Mama's kitchen. It is time for you to start amazing cooking adventure with Mama. And you will have a totally new cooking experience by following more than 19 incredible new recipes included in this game. If you can successfully master all the recipes, you will find that cooking is not that kind of hard. Actually, it is a kind of art. You can cook a variety of dishes from classic Japanese recipes to the most tasty modern food. You will feel like that you are doing magic by changing the crude vegetables and meat into exquisite and delicious food with perfect combination of ingredients. If you are a carnivore, you will find that all the dishes are so tempting. And you are in a hungry condition all the time. If you are a vegetarian, you can try the vegetarian cooking mode. So you can just explore the diverse menus to find what suits your tastes best. If you try your best to polish your cooking skill, you will eventually become a master chef. And whenever you have a problem with your cooking, Mama will always help you fix it. So you can just rest assured and follow Mama's instructions and guidance to create delicious and decadent treats that you can happily share with your best friends. Now it is the high time for you to chop, mince, dice, slice and roll. It is not that kind of energy-consuming because of the easy mission controls which can help you immerse right into the action. You must believe that you will be the world's greatest culinary artist at the help of Mama!

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Make scrumptious food and serve it!

Chop, bake, stew...
Cook tasty meals with easy touch controls!
Try out this unique cooking game.
The yummy food you'll create will definitely make you hungry!

▼Let's Cook!
Cook food by playing fun mini games. More than 30 kinds of recipes are waiting for you. Do your best, Special Chef!

▼Happy Village!
Serve your cooking to everyone at your restaurant. Create a big and wonderful restaurant that's all your own.
Harvest lots of things by going Fishing, growing plants in the Fields, and raising animals in your Ranch.
Gather up lots to exchange for Happy Foods!

▼Game Plaza!
Play non-cooking games like "Help out," "Play Shopkeeper," and "Exercise your brain." More than 30 kinds of mini games are waiting for you. Aim to get high scores!

▼Challenge Ranking!
Compete in weekly events for the best scores! Join the global rankings!

▼Other Ways to Have Fun
-Decorate the kitchen with various items.
-Make surprise dishes by combining 2 recipes.
-Watch realistic cooking videos for supported recipes.
-Watch an animated video of Mama's fun daily life.

[Game Features]
With its intuitive controls, both children and adults can enjoy the game. Also, even if you make mistakes there are no game overs, so everyone can complete dishes. Furthermore, children who play may develop an interest in cooking.

[Recommended Setup]
Android OS 4.1 or later.
**Game may not be playable on certain devices even if the above conditions are met.

**By downloading this game, you are accepting its User Agreement.

[Supported Languages]
English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Dutch,Russian,Portuguese,Polish,Czech,Turkish,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Indonesian,Filipino,Malay,Thai,Vietnamese,Hindi,Spanish-mexico,Portugues brasileiro,Arabic,Persian,Swedish,Norwegian,Danish,Finnish

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