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Mini Block Craft
Mini Block Craft

OS: Android

Version: 4.0.3

Size: 26M

Developer:Build Block Studio

* For reference, The Mini Block Craft game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

Edit Notes

In this game, you can create everything that you can imagine in your mind, including gardens, castles, and even boats. There are a lot of blocks available for you. And your job is to turn these blocks into building material and try to create your own dream house. Besides, you can also have the chance to explore the map and fight against all the dangerous monsters and zombies. You can see that there are not too many rules in this game. You can just fully use your own imagination to create different things in this world. This is a paradise without limit and without end, you can enjoy every day of your life in this world. No one will judge you or criticize you for your style or taste. You can try to create each tree and each building according to your own aesthetic values. The whole thing will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment after you created everything. And the whole picture is so awesome. At first, you might be a little bit clumsy by dragging all the blocks into the right places. But once you try several times, you will find the right technique to do this. Actually, it is not very difficult. And the most distinctive feature of this game is that there are animals in this game to produce all kinds of dairy products for you. And these animals will also make your life more interesting. So maybe you always wanted to build a castle for yourself in some vast ocean or on a deserted island. But there is no way for you to do such a crazy thing in real life. This game can give you a chance to realize your dream by creating anything that you can dream of. Everything in this game will make you feel amazing and wonderful. It is very easy for you to become addicted to this game and aspire to spend some more time in this game. Everything is perfect because you are so Free. You are the sole master in this world. And everything is your property. You will have a really memorable adventure in this game. And this adventure will bring you lots of joy and fun. Maybe sometimes you feel lonely because you are totally alone in this game. But this is not a bad thing. It is good for you to learn to control your own mind staying stable. And by staying alone, you can also learn to deal with loneliness and solitude by yourself. It is painful to chew on our own loneliness. But in the long run, such kind of spiritual experience will make you become stronger. Even if there is no one to help you or to guide you, you will find your own way to build the thing that you dreamed again and again. And it will also give you some time to understand the real meaning of crafting. Generally speaking, this is a really wonderful game. All the graphics in this game are awesome. And it is not very difficult for you to play. So it is time for you to create your own world and forget this real world that keeps bringing you many troubles and worries. In this game, you can create a paradise for yourself and fully enjoy yourself in this paradise. Here time is not important anymore. And everything else is not important anymore. The only thing that matters here is your own true feeling. Just totally open your heart and try to enjoy yourself in this open and amazing world! It will not let you down!

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Mini Block Craft. Creative and Survival in sandbox block world!

In this pixel style sandbox openworld block game. You can create whatever you want!
Turn blocks into building materials and create your dream house, or go explore the map and fight dangerous monsters and zombies. Craft, build and explore an amazing living world!

Explore territories, accumulate and use resources for the development of your possessions.
Mini Block Craft game: best simulator is not an official Mojang application. This game is not associated or connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with this game's creator or its licensors.

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