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Neon Air Hockey - Extreme A.I. Championship
Neon Air Hockey - Extreme A.I. Championship

OS: Android

Version: 4.2

Size: 24M

Developer:Freeday Studio

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This is a really wonderful hockey game. You might not be very good at playing hockey, but there is no need to worry about your skill. There are altogether five modes available, including easy, medium, hard, extreme, and robotic. So if you have no experience, you can try the easy mode first. Actually, it is very easy for you to handle. You just need to control the white ball and let it fall into the right target hole. And if you would like to, you can buy all kinds of distinctive things that you like in the store. For instance, if the tablet is not your type, you can always replace it with a totally new one with a different color in the store. And you can choose paddles of different shapes and colors. The most exciting thing is that there is a two-player mode available. So you can invite your best friend to compete with each other. This will be really amazing. Together you will have a wonderful time. The hockey tablet is glowing all the time. The game experience cannot be better. And the AI technology involved in the game will give you a totally different experience about playing hockey. This robot is really clever. You are wrong if you think that it is such an easy thing to defeat the robot while playing a hockey game. So if you're a hockey fan, or if you want to find a totally different feeling about playing hockey, you can try this game. Besides, the music is also really amazing. After you practiced some time in the single mode and two players' mode, you can try to challenge yourself in the championship world. Of course, everything will become more challenging and competitive in this mode. But if you have confidence in yourself, you can be the winner eventually. Nothing can stop a person who has real passion for hockey to be the final winner. The secret is that you never say die and try to focus on the ball all the time and never get distracted or disturbed while you're playing this game, or you will miss your target easily. You will find out that in the championship mode, everything goes fast and fierce. So once you slow down, which means the end and which means you give your opponent the permission of taking the advantage. So always keep concentrating and move quickly. Overall, this is a really wonderful sports game. If you're a hockey fan, it is definitely worthwhile to find some fun here. The AI technology involved in this game will make you feel really wonderful. It is very easy for you to become addicted to this game. You just want to try again and again to find out your true strength. And it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction by winning higher and higher scores. So this is not an ordinary hockey game. This is a really extraordinary hockey game involving powerful AI and five PvP modes. So welcome into this really fascinating hockey world. Wish you luck and be the champion! Even if you cannot be the champion, you can definitely enjoy yourself a lot in this glowing hockey world. You will never feel regret for trying it. So what are you still waiting for? Just download it right now and jump into this fascinating hockey world with your best friends and fully enjoy yourselves to the last drop of it! Maybe you will be the next hockey champion. And the whole world would applaud for your excellent performance!

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Neon air hockey is a realistic sport air hockey. We have a smart AI which is so strong and intelligent. This is not an usual air hockey games. Each game takes a short time. neon air hockey is so much fun. You'll get addicted, and relax.

- Championship: 3 game slots which record your completed level
- Single Player: There are 5 PvP modes. Easy - Medium - Hard - Extreme hard - and Robotic. Our AI is so smart!
- 2 Players: Dual with friends
- Settings & Shop: Change skin of table hockey - paddle - and puck.

Challenge friends and win AI with neon air hockey!
Download Now!

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