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Real Cake Maker 3D
Real Cake Maker 3D

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 49M

Developer:Coco Play By TabTale

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Do you feel hungry? And do you like to make delicious cakes for yourself? If your answer is yes, it is time for you to start your cake-baking journey. If you try your best, there is a high possibility for you to become the best cake maker in the town. And it feels so good to make all kinds of amazing cakes by using your own imagination. If you would like to, you can also take a picture of the masterpiece made by you and share it on the popular social apps like Facebook. And your friends will be amazed by your excellent cake-baking skills. Everything in this game is rather real and vivid because it involves the wonderful 3D technology. So even if this is a virtual simulation game, it will help you a lot to make a real cake in the daily life. If you would like to, you can play this game with your child. It is definitely child-friendly. And it can totally improve your child's self-confidence when he or she can manage to bake a perfect cake. And this is a really wonderful way for your child to learn how to make a delicious cake because there is no need for you to worry that he may get burned in this virtual game. But in real life, he or she may hurt himself or herself for making cakes for the first time. And it is even better to make a wonderful cake with your child. Together, you can crack several eggs and evenly stir the egg with flour by following each step. You can make a perfect cake with your child. You may say that you have no experience in making cakes. But there is no need for you to worry about it since there are many tempting cake-making recipes included in this game. So you can make different types of cakes for different occasions by following those recipes. And the trick of making perfect cake is not to get disappointed for one failure. After you try for several times, you will get the key to make the perfect cake. And all the necessary baking utensils are available here. So you can employ all of your talents to decorate and design your favorite cake by fully using these tools and utensils. Besides, you have numerous choices. So designing and decorating a beautiful cake is really an awesome thing. Can you imagine to make a cake for the bride? You can use a lot of cute decorations to make this cake shine. And you are not alone here. If you feel tired for making too many cakes, you can try to have a party with those cute puppies, kittens, and rabbits in this game. With your unprecedented cake, this party will be enormously happy. And when you think that your cake-making skill is proficient enough, you can take part in the cake-baking competition. And it is up to you to make a chocolate cake, cherry cake or cheese cake since you are the baker. So this is a really relaxing game. And there is no restriction of any kind. Each step of cake making in this game is really clear. So there is no need for you to worry about the specific steps of making cakes. But as you know, some frosting and decorations are not available at first. So you need to buy some options and items to have a better game experience. But if you would like to, you can get them slowly step by step by improving your cake-making skills. Anyway, this is a really sweet game. When you have nothing else to do, you can try to kill your time by learning to make cakes. It is also an interesting and healthy way for you to spend your spare time!

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Hungry? Get baking! Become the best cake baker in town and create the yummiest cakes, in this delicious cooking game! This cooking game’s beautiful 3D art will make you feel like you’re baking a real cake! Yummy! What are you waiting for? Get your mixer out and start cracking those eggs!

Be the best cake baker the world has ever seen! What’s your favorite type of cake? Sweet birthday cakes? Fancy wedding cakes? Whatever it is, you can make it! Decorate your cakes to make them extra beautiful, and take photos so you can show your friends your yummy creations! You can even enter your cakes in a contest and serve them to your friends at the cake party!

> Learn how to bake the most delicious cakes EVER in this fun cooking game!
> Tons of mouth-watering cake recipes to make for you and your friends!
> Use professional baker tools to bake, design & decorate the most delicious cakes!
> From rainbow-sprinkled birthday cakes to strawberry cupcakes, the choices are infinite!
> Decorate your cakes with yummy frosting, delicious decorations & adorable toppers!
> Are those wedding bells? Design and bake a beautiful cake for the bride.
> Put the prettiest picture of yourself on your very own cake!
> Have a cake party with your fuzzy bunny, kitty and puppy friends, cute babies, and more!
> Make the party extra festive with your very own party decorations!
> Enter the cake bake competition, vote for your favorite cake, and win first prize!
> To-die-for dark chocolate, cherry-banana cake or cheesecake? You choose - You’re the baker!
> It’s princess party time! Put your favorite princess on a cake!
> Take pictures of your masterpiece to show off your gorgeous cake designs!
> Make a cake album so you’ll always remember your incredibly delicious creations!
> Tons of adorable and fun coloring pages for you to draw in, in this awesome cooking game!

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