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Restaurant Life
Restaurant Life

OS: Android

Version: 5.0

Size: Varies with device


* For reference, The Restaurant Life game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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This is a very interesting game. In this game, you can do a lot of fun things. And you can learn to do housework in a much more effective way by playing this game. If you are a parent, it is a perfect game for you to play with your kid. This game can help you have a better understanding of the right way of doing housework. You can teach your kid about how to sort the fridge, how to wash dishes, and how to slice Sushi. Maybe in your real life, you always worry that your kid may get get hurt by the waste destroyer. Or you just simply worry that your kid may hurt himself or herself while he or she is doing housework. But since this is a virtual game. You can just drop all of those concerns. Besides, this game allows your kid to do housework by his or her own way. This will be the first step for your kid to become independent. And there is no need for you to judge your kid’s performance, no matter what kind of mistake he or she makes, but you will definitely feel proud of your kid whenever he or she masters a new skill of doing housework. After playing this game, your kid will learn to make tasty juice with different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Your kid can also learn to lay the table before dinner. And you should never be surprised if your kid just learns to make some simple cakes. So this game is not just about killing your spare time. Actually, it is a kind of part-time education for your kid. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this game with your kid when you have nothing else to do. You will find that all the details are rather vivid. It feels like that you are chopping the real potatoes and tomatoes. The sound effect is real. And the vegetables and fruits are so fresh. There is no way for your kid to get bored with this game. On the contrary, it is very likely for your kid to become addicted to this game because learning all these skills is a very addicting process. It will make your kid feel like that he or she is just opening a wholly new world. The most important thing is that your kid will enjoy himself or herself a lot during this process. You should never try to stop your kid from trying anything new while you are playing this game together. The right thing is to allow your kid to do whatever he or she wants to do. And it is always acceptable and advisable to try new recipes, even if you never heard of this recipe before. The essence and the shining point of this game lies in its creativity. You should fully enjoy all the new and creative activities included in this game. It is not just about finishing those tedious housework. It is about learning to do this ordinary or even boring housework in a creative and interesting way. You will form a totally new idea about doing your daily chores while you are watching your kid playing this game. You will realize that actually doing housework is not that kind of unbearable if you are patient. And if you would like to focus on your current job, you will find that even those trivial things like cleaning the table and mopping the floor can make you feel calm. You will not feel stressed out at this moment. Besides housework, you also have chance to do other interesting things with your kid. For example, you can try to make some milkshake together. You can race against other players. And you can also try to make some delicious hamburgers. This game is definitely rich in contents. And you will never get bored with this game because each level includes totally different tasks. And by playing this game, you will notice that your kid can learn to do things in a very organized and orderly way, because this game includes a lot of activities that try to encourage your kid to do things in an organized way. In fact, it is very important and it is really necessary for parents to try to help the kid form the habit of doing chores in an orderly way. If you can encourage your kid to do the housework in an organized way, it is very helpful for your kid to live a very disciplined life, which is the precondition of having everything under control in life. But it will be very hard for an adult to form this good habit once he is already accustomed to being forced to organize things in a passive way. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to walk into this beautiful restaurant and to enjoy your current moment. There is no time limit. So you can definitely take your time and relax yourself while you are completing all the levels. If you want to try some relaxing game, you should never miss this one. And if you want to spend some quality time with your kid by playing some interesting game which is of educational meaning, this game will be perfect. And you will also enjoy the game a lot during the process. The relaxing atmosphere can help you get rid of all of your worries and concerns for the moment. So if you feel a lot of pressure recently, you should definitely use this game as an antidote. Believe me, it is useful!

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Enjoy the chef experience with many mini games now!

Sort the fridge, wash dishes!
Prepare meals and serve them to customers.

Use very simple mechanics like swipe, tap, drag and hold to play each mini game.

Get ready to enjoy an experience of restaurant life!

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