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Chef Kids
Chef Kids

OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 53M


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This is a wonderful game for children to master cooking skills. In the meantime, it can also help children to get familiar with different types of foods. And they will know how to cook some common food in the real life, including cupcakes, pizza and ice cream and other delicious food and dishes. If you are a parent, you should try to play this game with your kid. This game is not all about cooking food, it can also help your kid learn to do cleaning on their own. And there are some other interesting activities that your kid can participate in. For example, your kid can join a fruit fight in which kids can fight against each other with fruits. You cannot imagine how interesting the scene is when you are watching fruits of different colors are flying in the sky. It is rather relaxing to cut the fruits into pieces. And it is a wonderful way for you to strengthen the parent-child bond by joining such wonderful activities with your kid. It will be part of your happy memory. Maybe for you all these things are naive and boring. But it is definitely very attractive for your kid to learn to cook and play with other kids. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time with your kids to explore this food-cooking world and to become a chef. You may surprisingly hear that your kid dreams to become a chef after playing this game. Actually, you may think that cooking food is a very mechanical and boring human behaviour which anybody is entitled to try without the need to have high intelligence. Actually, cooking food is a kind of artistic thing. It involves a kind of delicate talent. The most important thing is that at least it will help your kid learn to make food for himself when there are no parents at home. Cooking food is a necessary skill to master for any of us. Of course, it is tempting to enjoy delicious food. It is a very soothing and joyful thing. But it will be better if each person can make healthy and yummy food by himself. Besides, cooking food can also be a very pleasant process. To make a perfect combination with all of the ingredients is a kind of art. It is not very easy to keep the balance because sometimes you will just drop too many salt or vinegar even if you have a marvellous recipe beside you. So practice makes perfect. After you try for some time, you will find that making a delicious dish is like doing magic. And by playing this game, you can also try to make some delicious pizza for your kid and your friends in your real life since you already had a basic picture about how to make a pizza by playing this game. You can easily remember the exact process of making pizza at the help of this vivid game. And food cooking will become easier. The most interesting thing is that sometimes your kid may have some better and much more wonderful ideas about how to make pizza. It is definitely wrong for you to underestimate your kid’s cooking talents. Maybe they are incapable of doing a certain kind of food which involves many cooking steps. But they have this rich imagination. And they can improvise the creative ideas of making different types of foods which are comprised of different ingredients. You will be stunned to find out that your kid has so many wholly new ideas about how to make the food become more tasty. So just give both of you a chance to try something new. Maybe you will invent a wholly new way of making pizza. At last, this game can also help your kid know how to use different kitchen tools. Your kid will know how to turn on or turn off the oven and how to change batteries for those machines. The most significant point is that he will understand the importance of enjoying his life from moment to moment through cooking. There is some huge difference between being alive and living. Being alive means you are breathe, but you are just always in a hurry to finish different kinds of things. But fully living your life is a totally different thing. It is exactly like food cooking process. You will make each step perfect. And you will extract all the juice out of each moment. It is a minute-to-minute miracle. And all these miracles form a totally different life. Just like the delicious food that you make eventually. At last, making food can also help slow down the pace of your real life. It teaches you to enjoy your life. So it is a very healthy game both for adults and for kids. It is not just for fun. This game has its own educational purposes. And in this world of food, you can start a new adventure. You will get addicted to cooking. And you cannot resist the temptation to eat all the delicious dishes. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to polish your cooking skills with your kid together. It is a kind of wise time investment for you to play this game. Of course, it can help you kill your spare time. But eventually you will learn a lot about food cooking and about how to enjoy every moment of your life!

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Time for you and your friends to become the best little chefs around! No adults are around and you kids are hungry – you better prepare food, and fast! You guys are in charge – cook and bake whatever yummy food you want, and have a food fight!

Uh-oh – You’re starving, and no parents are home to feed you! It’s up to you and your friends to turn into gourmet chefs and make a delicious meal! Who said dinner before dessert?! You’re in charge now! Get creative in the kitchen and eat all the mouthwatering food you want!

> Is that your stomach growling? No one’s home to give you dinner, so you better get to the kitchen and start cooking!
> Turn into little kitchen wizards with your friends and prepare your favorite meals!
> Go to the supermarket with your friends and fill your carts to your heart’s desire!
> Choose yummy recipes to make, from 4 amazing cookbooks!
> Dress up as mini chefs, and clean up the messy kitchen! Don’t forget your chef’s hat!
> Use professional chef tools to make homemade pasta and pizza from scratch!
> FOOD FIGHT! Get messy in the kitchen.
> Bake cupcakes and make your own ice cream!
> You guys worked so hard making all that food – now it’s time to enjoy it in the dining room!
> Oh no! The oven exploded and one of your friends got hurt. Treat him with professional doctor tools so he can bake those treats!
> Have bake contests and vote for your favorite food. Who will win 1st prize?

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