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What The Fight
What The Fight

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 80M


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Wow! This is a really unbelievable game in which you can act as a barbarous fighter who can attack other players without a second thought. Everything is so exciting! You need to remember that all the other players are your enemies. So there is no need for you to show mercy on anybody on this fighting stage. You must have only one goal in your mind-to take down all of them within your eyesight. So you cannot afford to miss any chance to grab any weapon beside you to kill them. Actually, it is very important for you to get a certain weapon timely because usually weapon like a gun can easily take down all of your enemies in a short period of time. But if you try to fight so many enemies face to face without any weapons, just by using your arms and legs, it will take a very long time. And you may put yourself in a great danger. Under such circumstance, there is only a slight chance for you to win. So the key for you to win is the proper usage of weapon. But it is not an easy thing to grab the weapon first since there are so many fighters on this stage. You must always keep concentrating on your fighting. Once you are distracted by other things, your enemy will take the advantage to pick up the weapon and defeat you. And of course, you will find other more detailed and more important things if you try this game for yourself. Once you find the right trick, it is very easy for you to be the winner. As you can see, this is a really relaxing game. If you are a person who are pushed to be polite in your daily life, but inwardly you are really mad at somebody or something, you can definitely try this game and release all your bad energy. You can regard the enemy as the person who pissed you off. You can knock down each of them one by one. It will make you feel so refreshing and so relieved. You will feel like there is inexhaustible power and energy inside you to kill all the enemies. In the meantime, you will feel no anger. On the contrary, you will just laugh a lot because the gestures and postures of these figures are really funny while they are fighting. So this game can not only help you kill your spare time, but also can assist you in relieving all your negative emotions, which will be of great help for your mental health. So it is time for you to forget all those things about civilization and be a wild man. And you can fully release your tendency of wild violence. Everything is legal here. If you can successfully kill all of your enemies, you will be rewarded abundantly. So you must wisely use the complex weapons and items included in the game to knock down all of your opponents. It is not the right place for you to be a kind person here. You must remember to protect yourself. Your safety is the priority. Here is a test for you to see whether or not you can beat other fighters and become the ultimate champion. Actually, it is not that kind of hard for you to win. As long as you master some basic skills, you can easily take down your opponents. So you will feel no frustration of any kind. But it is definitely very easy for you to become addicted to this game. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start your barbarous fighting!

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Swipe to move and take all the objects to knock all the opponents and win the fight.

WTF is a ragdoll physics based fighting.

You can use guns, drive crazy vehicles and more.
Will you beat the other fighters and become the next champion?

WTF features:
- Fast paced physics-based ragdoll combat
- Countless weapons and items for the fight
- Variety of levels and events with surprises
- Ragdoll Fighter

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