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Scribble Rider
Scribble Rider

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 87M


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Edit Notes

This is a rather interesting game. You will drive a vehicle to arrive at a given destination. The thing is that it is different from the normal vehicle-driving game that you have experienced. Actually, in this game the vehicle will go forward automatically. Your main job is to give it suitable wheels under different kinds of situations, which means that your vehicle will not always run on the flat road. In the same level, you may come across several kinds of obstacles, including the swimming pool, mountains, and other obstacles. So you must change the shape of your wheels from time to time. For example, when it comes to a mountain slope, you must give your vehicle round wheels. While in front of a swimming pool, it is time for you to change the round wheels into the pedals. So it does not involve any specific driving skill. Actually, it is more about your basic knowledge about the wheel using in different kinds of situations. If you can figure out by yourself what kind of wheel will work perfectly under what kind of situation, it will also do even if you have no knowledge about the corresponding knowledge of wheel selection in physics. Once you find the trick, it will be very easy for you to defeat other players. If you are a physics lover, this game will be a piece of cake for you because you can imagine the whole picture beforehand, so you can lower the possibility of making mistakes by drawing the perfect wheel precisely, which can help you save a lot of time and energy. But even if you are not excellent enough, you should always keep calm. Even if your opponent is currently faster than you, there is a high possibility for you to overtake him after a while. And it is really interesting to scribble different types of wheels in the column under the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it is more acceptable to randomly draw some wheel that you think will perform for the best. So if you have no physics knowledge and have no idea, you can just depend on your own imagination to create some wheels. You will not lose anything to try something creative. You will find some surprises when you think that you have no idea what kind of wheel you are drawing, but this wheel works amazingly. There is no way for you to become bored with this game. You will keep intense from moment to moment because you need to overcome one obstacle after another. So you just find yourself so busy that you have no spare attention for anything else, you just keep drawing one wheel after another. It will give you a deep sense of satisfaction when you surpass your opponent. You will feel so good. If your performance is good enough, and if you can be the first one who reaches the destination, you will be rewarded abundantly. The more wonderful news is that with these coins, you can try to buy different types of vehicles in the shop. Anyway, this is a really fun but simple game. If you have nothing else to do, it is definitely worthwhile to try this game. You will find that the simplest wheel works for the best. And it is a big mistake for you to keep using the same wheel from the beginning of the level to the end. If you want to be the first one who reaches the destination, you must change the shape of your wheel from time to time. And there are different background scenery for you to enjoy. The whole picture is really beautiful. You will even see a flamingo beside you leisurely appreciating your driving performance!

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Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate 'All-Terrain' vehicle!

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