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Sonic Forces
Sonic Forces

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 39M


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This is a very popular racing game. In this game, you can compete with players in the running battles. All these players are real runners from different parts of the world. So you must try your best to be the first one who arrives at the destination. It is really exciting to dodge obstacles on your way. And when it is necessary, you need to attack and set some traps when you are battling against other players. Of course, it is not very easy to win in all the races. But you will have a lot of fun, especially in the multiplayer mode. So if you would like to, you can invite your best friend to compete with you and see who can be the winner. Together you will race in the city, through the sky and on the green hills, even in the mystic jungle. In different places, you will have totally different gaming experience. Everything is amazing and unexpected. It is impossible for you to feel boring. And you can even try to play some dirty tricks and run your friend into obstacles. And Sonic is really cool when he jumps, slides and fly as you control him racing towards your final victory. You will feel a kind of indescribable feeling of freedom. You will fall in love with the high speed, the creative running tracks and the scenery. There is no restriction of any kind. And there are no bloody fighting. And there is no need for you to make some strategic plan beforehand. You just need to follow your instinct and race forward. By opening your heart and focusing on the running tracks ahead, you will be unstoppable. You cannot feel better. All your passion will be back. Everything else does not matter anymore. You just want to fully enjoy yourself at this moment. If you have some pressure in your real life, you should definitely jump into this game to have a race with Sonic to release your negative energy, which is really good for your health. After completing all those attacking missions with the fireballs, lightning, tornadoes, and other more weapons, you will feel fully refreshed. And if your performance is good enough, you will be rewarded abundantly at the end of the race. With the rewards, you can buy some items for Sonic in the store. And there is also a chance for you to win trophies. With the trophies, you can unlock a variety of challenging and new running tracks. And the most exciting thing is that except for Sonic, you will meet many other characters, including Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and many other more. And if you are really good at racing, you will have the opportunity to unlock other awesome and new characters, including Victor and Omega. So it is your responsibility to make all your efforts in every race to upgrade your favorite characters. And you must try hard to battle for rings. This is a wonderful game among the similar racing games. And if you are a fan of Sonic, you should definitely not miss this one. It will give you a totally different perspective to look at Sonic and and his friends. They are really amazing. So you will have a really happy time with them. What are you still waiting for? It is time for you to race forward and forget everything else. It is time for you to share this wonderful game with you friends. Together you will make your own record and let the whole world applaud for your fast speed and excellent racing skills!

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Sonic the Hedgehog is back in this free fast and cool multiplayer racing & battle game! Run and compete in multiplayer running battles with real runners from around the world. Can you top the leaderboard and be the boss of speed? Run, dodge, attack and set traps as you battle other players in this fast, fun, free multiplayer runner game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. Download and start your battle run NOW!

● Gotta go fast to win in epic multiplayer battles!
● Race and battle in the city, on green hill, through the sky sanctuary and the mystic jungle
● Run other players into obstacles and Badniks
● Spin, jump and slide as your race your way to victory!
● Attack with Mines, Lightning, Fireballs, Tornadoes and more
● Win trophies to unlock a variety of new and challenging tracks to run and race on

● Race as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and more heroes
● Unlock new and awesome Sonic the Hedgehog characters including Omega and Vector
● Battle for Rings in every race to upgrade your characters
● Complete running game missions to earn rewards
● Top the PvP multiplayer leaderboards

Download Sonic Forces, the multiplayer racing battle game for free today! Run with Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and other Sonic heroes as you race and dash in this speedy multiplayer game of epic proportions! Start racing for free and be the boss of speed.

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