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Dumb Ways to Die Original
Dumb Ways to Die Original

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 5.0

Size: 72M

Developer:Metro Trains

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Edit Notes

This is a very imaginative game. This game contains different elements. It is a diversified game. It is hard for you to define which kind of game it is. But the thing is that it is really interesting and full of fun. When you are playing this game, it is hard for you to predict what might be the next. There are a lot of tasks for you. And you will not know all these tasks at once. And these tasks are totally different from each other. For example, the first way for you to die is to drive away all those wasps, which is easy for you to do, you just need to tap those wasps with your finger and they will all disappear. Another way for you to die is to drag away all those piranhas who are swimming toward you at a fast speed, which is also not difficult. You can just drag them away with your fingers. And some tasks are totally different from the above two tasks. For example, you might need to fill in the blanks of word puzzles. There will be a word for you like “patience”, but two or three of its letters are missing, so you need to drag the correct letters to the right places, which is also very easy to complete once you are familiar with these words. Anyway, if you want to win a higher score in this game, you must be concentrate yourself on every detail because sometimes if you are not quick enough, you just lose already; and you must adapt yourself to the differences among these games to switch your mind swiftly. All the graphics in this game is awesome. Besides, when you are challenging yourself, you can also enjoy the wonderful music in this game, which will make you feel light and happy. You can fully relax yourself in this game. Everything will be so amazing. Besides, you can also invite your friends to play this game with you, which will be a great way for you to pass the good time together. In a word, there are more than once dumb ways to die in this game. All you need to do is to handle each one of them perfectly, and you will be the final winner and the glory will be yours!

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You've seen the video - now the lives of those charmingly dumb characters are in your hands.
Enjoy 82 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all.
Download the FREE game now to enjoy the new fun and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro.

- Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN!
- Quickly wipe your screen free of puke
- Balance that wobbling glue eater
- Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts
- Swat wasps before it's too late
- Best not invite that psycho killer inside
- Carefully remove forks from toasters
- Help self-taught pilots
- Get back from the edge of the platform you fools
- Have patience at level crossings
- No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons!
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?
Plus loads more!

- Perfect your dumb-death prevention skills to unlock the full set of characters for your train station
- Earn your own local copy of the original video
- Create your own Dumb Ways character from loads of facial features, accessories and more!
Watch the original Webby and Cannes award-winning video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw

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