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Stickman Dash
Stickman Dash

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 5.0

Size: 21M


* For reference, The Stickman Dash game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

Edit Notes

WOW! Welcome into the world of the Stickman Dash, you definitely make the wisest choice coming here. If you have a really bad day today and you feel blue for no noticeable reasons, this game might be your best choice to try something really exciting. It is fun for you to punch the villains as an invincible warrior. It is a really satisfying way to let out all of your negative energy and emotions. And it is super easy for you to handle this game. You just need to hold and release. But you will never feel boring once you come into this world. You will find that this game has a really huge potential. As an entertaining game, you will really enjoy yourself in this new world. And it is a wonderful alternative for you to pass some free time here. You can really relax yourself and dash through your fatal enemies and take down them one by one. But remember, you are not immortal. Even if you are more powerful and more stronger than your enemies. Still you need to remember to dodge the flying bullets. Besides, you need to train yourself to be efficient and try to make the best use of your bullet-time power to stay alive as long as possible. And you must aim precisely before you shoot. And if your performance is good enough, there is a chance that you might win wonderful and amazing gifts. Some players might think that this game is too monotonous because they think that the levels just repeat again and again. But do not try to be too confident in your shooting skills. Maybe you are really good at shooting, but you also need to be aware of the boss levels. During the boss fight, you will find every now and then that the fierce fighting will unexpectedly challenge you and your shooting skills. The wonderful news is that there are hundreds of levels, bosses and patterns available. And if you would like to, you can also collect different skins of different colors and styles for your favorite character. And if you are really skilled enough and brave enough, there is a huge chance that you may become the most powerful warrior of this world. Generally speaking, this is an entertaining game of high quality. You can feel that the developer and the engineers really put a lot of energy and time into this game. All the details are perfect, including the sound tracks and the quality of the graphics, even the moves of the warrior really vivid, but you must be careful in this world because as a warrior, it is the starting point of failure if you take any reckless action. So always keep calm, aim precisely and never underestimate your enemies' strength. If you can really do all of these things, the final victory will be yours. And if you are a person who is really good at making the correct decisions and quick reaction in real life, and then you might be in a relatively advantages situation in this game. So it is time for you to clear your mind and join the most fierce fighting ever. Of course, it is not an easy thing to be a qualified warrior who can always keep objective and calm. But it is your mission to do everything that you can to defeat all your enemies and survive as long as possible. Even if you come across a really powerful boss. And it seems that there is no way for you to conquer him, you must always stay concentrating and try to find out his weakness. Maybe you think that your strength is the key. Actually, as a qualified warrior, your calm mind and your flawless fighting strategy are the two essential things which help you win in the battle. So always remember to fight as a real warrior and follow your instinct, nothing can stop you!

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Welcome to Stickman Dash, you made the right choice coming here!

Play a powerful fighter with the ability to slow-down time. Dash through your ennemies, dodge their bullets and be precise to activate combo hits

Super easy-to-play controls, juste hold & release in the direction you want to go.

You feel like you're getting good at it? Beware of Boss Levels, every now and then, that will challenge you!
Hundreds of levels, pattern, and bosses are waiting for you!

Collect skins for your character, become the most powerful warrior of Stickman Dash

Feel free to give us feedbacks about the game <3

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