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OS: Android

Version: 4.2

Size: 22M


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It is a wonderful crafting game. We have this typical impression that crafting game is just about piling up those blocks together. In fact, crafting is a kind of art. It feels so nice to build different kinds of things with those blocks. It is just like doing magic. You will find that it is so easy for you to become addicted to crafting games. The more interesting thing is that you can basically build anything that you can think of. So there is no restriction of any kind. The good news is that if you have played Minecraft or other similar crafting games, you will realize that it is so easy for you to play this game. You will find that all the controls are very familiar. And you do not need to spend extra time in getting familiar with all the controls and procedures. You will just enjoy yourself a lot by playing this extremely attractive 3D construction game.      This 3D sand box game will bring you into a totally different world. As a builder, you will find that you are so talented at crafting all kinds of things. Of course, it is impossible for one person to build houses, castles or swimming pools in our real life. But in this game, you can craft anything you can imagine. The bad news is that the resources are limited. So you must try your best to collect the resources needed to build all types of things. Besides, you will also have the chance to explore this magical world and fight against those vicious monsters in the survival war.      Anyway, in this crafting world, you are totally free. You can be the crafting God who can do all kinds of magic and who can create numerous miracles for this world. So if you like building or crafting games, there is definitely no reason for you to miss this building game. It is time for you to show your construction talent. If you would like to, you can also invite your whole family to enjoy this game with you in this world of blocks. You can play with your kids or other family members. Together, you will have a really happy time. And this will be part of your happy memory. You will explore different areas in this map to discover mysterious mazes. Nothing can be more exciting than this.      So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start this crafting adventure with your family. It is time for laughter and enjoyment. You can put everything else behind your mind for this moment. You must fully focus on your crafting job and you cannot be distracted by other things while you are playing this game. Of course, anybody can craft, build and explore. The only difference is that you use your whole heart and mind and you put every drop of energy into this creative thing that pops up in your mind. So your work will be a masterpiece. The shining point and the most meaningful point about this game is that can help you fully immerse yourself into your crafting job and forget about everything else for now. You will find that once you empty your mind, nothing is a big deal. You will literally feel that you are a crafting God who can build the most fantastic architecture in this world. The buildings out of your hands are not only aesthetically beautiful but also physically comfortable to live in.      It is time for you to release your artistic talents. If something crazy appears in your mind, you should not draw back and try something else. The right thing is to try your best to build this crazy thing that visited your mind. Block by block, you will eventually make this vision come into reality. This is a process of invention and creation. It is not about mechanically stack blocks together. So you are free to try anything that comes up in your mind. This is the only way for you to create something special and something different. Although the thing created by you is crude, it is unique. So it is a very bad idea to hold back your own original ideas while you are playing this game. You should always push yourself further and see what will happen. It is not just about building things that you can see in your daily life. It is about polishing your imagination. You can even try to build a Boa appeared in the Little Prince. It feels so amazing to bring this Boa into life. And you can try to build something that may exist in paradise. You may even try to build a God, a crown or anything you have been desiring for a very long time. No one will judge you. No one will criticize you for whatever you crafted.      This is the paradise for the lovers of crafting. And you are the only boss here. And after you play this game for a very long period of time, you will finally realize that this process of building or crafting is actually also a process of self-learning. You will find some deeper things about yourself during this process. You will find that so many creative ideas and innovative insights are subdued within you for such a long time. And all the creative ideas about crafting and building are just gushing out of your mind while you are playing this wonderful crafting game!

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Extremely attractive 3d construction game: A 3d sandbox game, you will roleplaying into a builder. Your task is to build houses, castles ... You must collect the resources needed to build them. Or you can explore the world and fight monsters in a survival war..

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