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Draw Defence
Draw Defence

OS: Android

Version: 5.0

Size: 76M

Developer:JP Games Group APS

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This is a really creative game. You can rally your forces by drawing. It is like doing magic. You will definitely fall in love with this kind of wonderful feeling. You will be the invisible general who is controlling everything behind the screen. Even if you are not fighting on this battlefield in person, you can decide everything. As the general, even if you are just an invisible general, it is very important for you to make right decisions at the right time. If you miss even a minor detail, you may lose. So it is very important for you to take everything into consideration and try to take down your enemies by using the least effort. If you can manage to kill all those enemies with several soldiers, which would be the best. You must treasure those soldiers who are bravely fighting for you on this battlefield. You must always put their lives as your priority even if they are just virtual soldiers. And if you can remember all the above principles, you can definitely end this game as the winner. The most amazing thing is that you can recall different forces only by drawing different shapes and lines. For example, if you draw a straight line, you can call forth your infantry. If you draw a circle, you can call forth shooting stones from the outer space; If you draw a tornado, the most powerful tornado will appear to help you defeat your enemies. Anyway, you can see that all the red figures on the screen are your enemies and they are really great in number. So you must apply different strategies to deal with them. But there is definitely no need for you to feel panic. With your super power, you can definitely defeat all of them. You are drawing magic, which will make you invincible. You can destroy everything in your way by using your drawing magic properly. And it feels so good to make all these figures disappear and vanish by using some superpowers instead of normal human weapons of war or with normal human abilities. Still, you can see that the fighting is really fierce. So you must always pay attention to your soldiers. Once you notice that they are outnumbered by your enemies. You must take some measures instantly. The hard thing is that you do not have enough ink to draw too many lines for once. You must wait for some time to let the ink full and revive. So it is wise for you to use your ink carefully. Do not waste one drop of your ink. If you have enough amount of ink, you can win. But if you find that you do not have ink any more at a critical point, which also means that if you still have too many enemies to destroy when you are short of ink, you can choose to surrender. It is not a humiliating thing. And if you would like to, you can always retreat and start right from the beginning. And there is no shame for you to do that. As the famous saying goes in the classic Chinese military work, Art of War, "Sometimes you win; Sometimes you lose". It is very normal when it comes to battles. So it is a very bad idea if you lose your confidence for losing one or two battles. And you must stick to the last minute. As you can see that even if this is a defending game, there is no sign of actual violence. On the contrary, sometimes you will even observe that the little figures of different colors are so cute when they are fighting with each other even if some little figures are your enemies. But every time when those red figures are losing, you will still feel pity for them. And it will be a great memory for you to fight together with your own blue figures. Everything feels so nice. In fact, this game can also give you some insight about how to treat your real life in a reasonable and wise way. Maybe suddenly you just notice that no matter what kind of big enemy is fighting against you, you can just always take the same measure to defeat him. And this omnipotent measure is to pluck up all of your courage and wisdom. You should try to draw different lines and take different strategies to deal with this tricky problem in your real life. You may find that you can also be a successful general of your own life once you have love and courage inside you. And you should also try to use the least force and energy to get the best profit out of life, just like you can draw a line to call forth a whole army to fight for you. It is very important for you to take advantage of different forces around you to get out of your problems and dilemmas. And this game may also help you understand that if you want to do something great, it is better for you to devise a perfect strategy or a marvelous blueprint beforehand. And in the meantime, you need to leave some space for you to change your plan among these unpredictable details. So it is just not for fun to defeat those red figures, it is also about learning to be a good fighter in your real life. It teaches you not to be a violent fighter, but to be a wise and brave fighter. You will definitely fall in love with it!

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An army is at your disposal. Simply draw your forces to set up a defense line and protect your castle!

Different drawing, different forces. Draw your best formation to counter enemy attack.
Drawing consumes ink, make sure you use it wisely.
Upgrade your ink and warriors regularly to ensure maximum damage output.
Conquer unique bosses and have them fight for your side.

Game features:
When your warriors are in trouble, use magic skills to solve your problem.
The higher your ink level, the faster it regenerates.
When you are overwhelmed by enemy forces, try simply drawing as many warriors as you can.
Unlock 7 unique bosses to fight for you.
4 army classes + 2 magic spells.

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