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Subway Princess Runner
Subway Princess Runner

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.0

Size: 54M


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Edit Notes

Unlike the exciting and rhythmic music in other similar games, the music in this game is soothing and relaxing. And the main character is a pretty fairy who has long legs and blond hair and who can run really fast. It is really wonderful to guide such a pretty girl to run around the city while enjoying such relaxing music. But there are also dangers and all kinds of obstacles in this game. First, your pretty girl will be chased by an angry policeman. Each time when she made a mistake or her speed slowed down, the policeman will appear immediately. Second, there are many obstacles to avoid. Some obstacles are still, so you can just guide the girl to jump over. But some obstacles are keeping moving all the time. So you must concentrate. For example, you need to avoid a train moving backward in time. Once you bump into it, which means the end of the game. The good news is that there are also some power-ups in this game. All these power-ups can help you feel more excitement and quicken your running steps. They are all tools for short-cut. Once you get a power-up, please use it in time because there is a time limit. If you get a balloon, you can just take the end of the balloon and it will take you up to the sky, but after a while, you will find that the balloon is gone and you are back onto the ground. If you get a board, you need to use the board in time to help you collect all those gold coins. And if there is no road for you to run forward, you can just jump onto the top of the train no matter it is moving or not, which is a good idea to help yourself when you find yourself no other ways to go. And it feels so good to run forward on top of a train. Once you are dead, you have a chance to retrieve. But you need to watch a video first, which usually lasted for five seconds. Anyway, this is a wonderful game for you to try. You will have a totally different view about Parkour game once you try this one and you will feel all the freedom in this world. Everything else does not matter any more, you can just run forward as fast as you could!

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Subway princess runner, Bus run, forest rush with addictive endless running game!
Rush as fast as you can, dodge the oncoming trains and buses. Careful the rolling wood in the forest! Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky to obtain more coins, excited slide to safety!

Help your loved beautiful princess to escape the police! Use skateboard after double tapping, experience the unique board in the subway. Challenge the highest score of the rank with the world players or share scores in friend list.
Unlock level to get more score multiple.Gain experience to unlock your level by complete missions or boxes. the more score multiplier you are, the higher score you get.

Subway princess runner is an endless princess running game, to be the best runner, save the beautiful princess. Unlock the level to get more characters, Get more and more diamond or coins as you can

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