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The Survival Hungry Games 2
The Survival Hungry Games 2

OS: Android

Version: 4.2

Size: 79M

Developer:Aeria Canada

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Survival Hungry Games is an exciting shooting game based on the magic world. This magic world is full of blocks. As long as you can kill your enemies and keep yourself survive, you are the final winner. This game is of high quality and consideration. All the graphic are fine and exquisite. Besides, the colors are very soft. Thus the whole background is both interesting and glamorous. As for the content of this game, all the story links are of logic and exciting. It is hard to stop in the middle of any task. All the tasks are innovative. They are different from those traditional tasks included in other old shooting games. It is a good thing to try something new. But do not worry yourself with its skill requirement. Actually, it is easy to play even if you have no experience in playing shooting games. The goal is very simple: attack your enemies, protect yourself and be the final survivor!The final distinctive feature of this game is that you can collect weapons and guns during the game to arm yourself. It is very important to have powerful weapons and tools when you are fighting with your enemies. Besides, it will be a test for your battling shills and reaction speed. High-speed reaction is very important. In this game, each second counts. If you hesitate for a moment or if you are slow in moving or striking, there is no chance for you to survive any more. What are you waiting for? Come into this magic world of blocks and fight in the name of freedom!

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Dungeon Hero: A Survival Games Story takes place in various locations of your blocky world, where the brave challengers fight for their survival against numerous waves of zombies, soldiers, demons and other strange creatures that invade our dimension through portals.

Progress through your missions, mow down enemies and blow away groups of foes as you battle unique opponents with their own set of challenges. Utilize your archery skills, plan out your tactics and use time manipulation wisely, in this ultimate battle against all odds in this action-packed survival game. It's do or die...

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