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Pretty Ballerina Dancer
Pretty Ballerina Dancer

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 117M

Developer:Coco Play By TabTale

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You will meet a very cute girl in this game. Her name is Ballerina. You need to dress her up because she will dance at a very famous theatre around the world. She will be the center of the world at the show night. So you must try your best to make her present her best side. If you are a girl, you will definitely like this game. You can enjoy yourself by dancing ballet. And you will have the golden chance to try all those beautiful clothes. Here is a paradise for you. And there are numerous dancing moves available. So you can just open your heart and let the music flow through your body. You will feel that everything is so amazing. Nothing can stop you from spinning and spinning on the stage. The most exciting thing is that you can save all your dancing videos and share them with your best friends or you can choose to watch them over and over again. You will realize that it takes so little time for you to become addicted to this game. Everything makes you feel like that you are in the sky. And now you are just flying among the soft clouds. There is no worry; no burden; no stress; no pressure, just happiness and pleasure. You can change your clothes anytime you want to give Ballerina a different style. Of course, there is a chance that Ballerina may get hurt since she needs to perform in different places all the time. So once she gets hurt or feels uncomfortable, you must take her to see the doctor as soon as possible. The better choice is to take her out to have a picnic together. In this way, she will feel fully relaxed. This is very helpful for her future performance. Obviously, practice is an indispensible part of a dancer's life. But for better performance, it is wiser to give Ballerina a break from time to time. You can go out together and take some beautiful pictures for her, which can make her really happy. And you will also feel happy to have some private time with Ballerina. This game is a valuable platform for you to realize your ballet dream. You will enjoy yourself a lot if you like dancing. You will love the light, the clothes and the stage. Everything is perfect here. So it is time for you to lace up your ballet slippers, put on your shining tutu and start to dance. Some players worry that there is no way for them to dance ballet because they have no dancing experience. But you should just follow your instinct and dance to the music, after a while, you will find the right feeling. So it is wrong to be too harsh on yourself at the beginning. And there is no need for you to compare your dancing skill with other players' since you are the unique and no one can replace you on the stage. And the essence and soul of dancing ballet is self-confidence, so you must have confidence in yourself all the time. It is a shame for you to feel shy. Ballet is a kind of elegant dancing type. It represents elegance and tolerance. So no one can be called as the best Ballet dancer, only better dancer. You must believe that you are the most beautiful swan on the stage. And it is the high time for you to make your Ballet dream come true here. If you miss this chance, who knows when will be the next time. The whole world will applaud for your elegant performance when you are dancing lightly on the stage like a real swan!

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Be the Prima Ballerina in the best dance company & make your ballet dreams come true, in this ballerina girl game!
Create & choreograph professional dances with tons of dance moves & unlimited variations!
Style your ballerina before the big show with stunning outfits & dance accessories!

Do you dream of being the most beautiful ballerina in the world? With this ballerina girl game, you could make your dreams come true! Lace up your ballet slippers & put on your shiniest tutu, it’s time to show off your ballet moves! Spin, leap & twirl across the stage before an adoring audience of your biggest fans! You can even choreograph professional ballets to your favorite classic tunes. Make your dreams come true & dare to dance on pointe!

> Dance at a world famous theatre to the most famous ballet tunes in this dreamy girl game!
> Choose from tons of dance moves & choreograph your very own ballet!
> Save your best performances & watch them over & over again!
> Dress up in the most beautiful ballerina outfits in this glamorous girl game! Tons of tutus and dresses to choose from!
> Uh oh, ballet injury! Treat injured ballerinas at the doctor’s clinic!
> Style your hair in pretty buns, just like a real professional ballerina!
> Take a pic with your favorite Ballerina! Smile for the camera!

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