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Cube Surfer!
Cube Surfer!

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 48M


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Edit Notes

This is a really creative game. I believe that you must have tried similar games. But this one is really special. You will regret for not trying it. Even if you do not want to spend too much time in playing this game, you should catch a glimpse of it because it is really distinctive, imaginative and creative. It will give you a totally different game experience. And it will refresh your opinion about cube games. It is very simple for you to handle this game. You can collect all the cubes with only one of your fingers. The thing is that you must keep focusing on those cubes and your direction ahead, because you can not afford to miss too many cubes. You need to run through some high walls by standing on top of your own cube ladder. If this ladder is not higher than the cube wall, you will fall down and you need to start all over again. But this is not all. In the meantime, you need to avoid different kinds of obstacles and traps, including the fire pit. You must have enough cubes under your feet to protect you while you are running through the fire pit. There is no doubt that you will lose several cubes while you are running through the fire pit. The longer the fire pit, the more cubes you will lose. If you fail to collect enough cubes beforehand to protect you, you will drop into this horrible fire pit. The worse thing is that you will find that some walls are not standing still. Actually, you will come across a circular wall which keeps spinning. So you must seize the perfect timing to jump through the lower part of the wall to save some cubes. Otherwise you will lose too many cubes. The more difficult thing is to turn left or right with your cube ladder since the road is not always straight. It sounds challenging, but you should try your best because it is also fun. It is accepted that this is a rather challenging game because if you fail to collect enough cubes at the beginning of each level, it will be hard for you to climb over the high walls. So the wise choice is to try your best to collect all the cubes at the beginning of each level. So in the later part, you will be less stressful. Sometimes you will find that it is really frustrating when you keep falling down again and again in front of the same wall. But it is also time for you to improve your cube skills. So there is no need for you to be disappointed. You must believe that you will get to your destination eventually in this way or another way. And once you have enough experience, you will find that it is not that kind of difficult. And it feels so nice when your ladder is high enough and you feel like that you are just standing in the middle of the sky. At last, it is very important for you to collect those purple diamonds on your way. With enough number of diamonds, you can buy different types of cubes to have different game experience. And it is also necessary for you to collect the power-ups, including the magnet, which can automatically collect all the cubes and diamonds to help you save a lot of energy and time. So it is time for you to start your cube adventure. With only one finger, you can create your own cube surfer record!

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