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Drop The Number
Drop The Number

OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 35M


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This is definitely an addictive game, although it is a rather simple game. For a moment, you will feel like that you are doing magic with these numbers. If you have ever played other similar games like Tetris, you should know that there are no sophisticated skills involved in playing such kind of puzzle games. But the thing is that it is very easy for you to become addicted to such kind of seemingly simple game. You just have so much fun while you are playing games like Drop the Number. It seems that things are just illogical because games like Tetris should make us feel boring because the game play is so mechanical. But the truth is that you will experience a kind of deep joy while you are playing such kind of simple puzzle games. The real truth is that if you play the fierce fighting games, you will get strong feeling of excitement while you are engaging in the fighting. But everything will be wiped out of your mind without leaving any trace once you stop playing. But Drop the Number will give you a kind of continuous enjoyment. You will not get bored with this game in one day. Of course, if you are sensitive to numbers in your real life, it is very likely for you to get a high score while you are playing this game. And if you just play this game for fun, you will definitely have a really great time. But you should know that as the game progresses, the blocks will drop down at a faster speed, so you do not have enough time to decide where to put the block. So it is very necessary for you to keep focusing on your blocks and the numbers on the blocks while you are playing this game. If you want to get a high score and want to beat up your former record, and then you should be fully concentrate. But it is really interesting to challenge yourself and to make your own record, just as the ancient Chinese master said that, "It is brave to defeat other heroes, but the true hero only chooses to challenge himself." And the whole process just makes you feel like that you are doing magic by merging the blocks and letting them disappear one by one. And there is no end in playing such kind of simple games. You will find that you can never reach the ceiling. If you would like to, you can always try to challenge your former record in this game. And the most amazing thing is that you can play this game offline. So even if you have no internet connection, which will not stop you from having some fun of playing this interesting and relaxing puzzle game. If you are a parent, it is also suitable for you to play this game with your kid. By taking advantage of this game, you can train your kid to become more sensitive to numbers. And if you would like to, you can also invite your best friend to play this game with you. You can compete against each other and see who can get a higher score at the end of the round. It would become part of your happy memory. And you will definitely have a fun time while you are competing against each other. By playing simple puzzle games, you will just find another beautiful side of your life. In our daily life, we are always in a hurry because we are always pushed forward by a pair of invisible hands. But this game can help you slow down and you will feel the power of presence while you are playing the game. You will automatically forget about everything else and focus on your blocks and your numbers at this moment. There is nothing left in the world except the blocks printed with different numbers. Maybe you think that such number puzzle games are too boring and too traditional because it lacks exquisite graphics and magnificent fighting scenes, and of course, it also cannot bring you the crazy feeling of driving racing cars, but it is definitely worthwhile for you to explore this game. You will find a special kind of enjoyment. This enjoyment exist only among those details and numbers. So sometimes you do not need to be too harsh on yourself, even if you cannot get a high score. You can just follow your own pace and enjoy this game. And if you can learn to enjoy such simple games, you can definitely learn to enjoy all the small but sweet things that happened in your daily life. It is just natural that the magnificent scenes in the virtual world can help us forget about all the sad things happened in our real world. And it is so easy to experience something spectacular while we are engaging in the fierce fighting. Actually, by playing such a plain and simple game, you will also experience something that has been ignored by you in your daily life. It is such an ordinary thing for us to experience something different when our senses are all inspired and activated by those exciting things. And the visual effects created by modern technology can make us feel crazy. But it is a really wonderful thing if we can appreciate the beauty of playing simple games and the pleasure permeating through those blocks. If you can learn to enjoy the fun brought to you by all the blocks, you will also learn to enjoy your life. So what are you still waiting for? If you have been getting tired of playing the blood-boiling fighting games and the brain-racking strategy games, this game will be the perfect one for you to have a different taste and to have a different game experience. Maybe after a long time, you would choose to delete other games that you already quit. But there is no way for you to delete this game from your phone because it is so fascinating. You will realize that this game becomes your virtual friend without your own notice, which can alleviate your pressure and which can distract you from your current dilemmas and troubles. So there is no reason for you to refuse this entertaining puzzle game if you want to kill your spare time or to have some fun time.

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