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Toca Kitchen 2
Toca Kitchen 2

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 56M

Developer:Toca Boca

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Welcome to the Toca Kitchen again! You will have the chance to cook the most wonderful food in this kitchen. Your goal is not to cook the most delicious food. Here you just need to cook food with your own style and out of your own imagination. It is not very easy to be an excellent cook in this special kitchen. Maybe in real life, you can cook all kinds of delicious food. But here, the situation is different. You need to combine different kinds of ingredients to make your own recipes. There are no given recipes or procedures to tell you how to make a certain kind of food. You need to make your own recipes and invent your own cooking skills. The good news is that you can think out of the box and make whatever you want to. And there are all kinds of cooking utensils available, including refrigerator, ovens and dishes etc. And you can also find whatever ingredients you need in the refrigerator. So your imagination is the key. You can think out of the box to make the most unbelievable food in this world. It is also interesting and funny to watch the customers tasting the food. Their facial expressions will tell you the flavour of your newly-made food. You will have many customers who come here to taste your hand-made food. So try your best to prepare all kinds of amazing and unimaginative food for them. As you can see that there is no reason for you to worry about your real cooking skills. It is totally OK even if you are not a very good cook in real life. You can try everything here as long as you think it is a good idea. In this magical kitchen, you can regard yourself as a cooking wizard. And everything out of your hand carries a tinge of magic. No matter it is delicious or disgusting, it is food with your flavour. So just tie your apron on, choose your ingredients and cooking utensils to prepare the unique food for your customers. They will be very happy to taste your food and they will appreciate your cooking skills greatly. Of course, you can definitely conquer them with your cooking imagination, which can definitely attract them to come for the next time. If you are a parent, it will be a wonderful thing to spend your time with your children by cooking different kinds of food. So just start your journey as an amazing cook!

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