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Madden NFL 21 Mobile
Madden NFL 21 Mobile

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 5.0

Size: 83M


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This game brings all the boys to the yard. It has its own distinctive features. It has several modes available. In the card-collecting mode, you can make a teram with your favorite players. Nothing can be more exciting than this. By using the Madman Cash, you can add cards and play in offline or online seasons. It is such a hassle to have ten players because even if you win the game, it does not offer as much as you expected. The whole atmosphere is boisterous. You cannot just take this creative mode for granted. The franchise mode is another notch on the list. It is a revolution. You will have a totally new experience in this mode. This mode contains improvements. The improvement is a kind of response to the outcries. So you will find out that everything in this mode is satisfying. This is a widely played game mode. As for the gameplay, you can just start by creating your own first player. There are no fixed rules. You can create your player as you would like to. It is very important for you to be patient. As time goes by, you will eventually have your own dream team. Increasingly, you can upgrade your team step by step. Along your journey, you will have the chance to have numerous colorful cosmetics that range from shoes to mouthpieces. All these cosmetics can give your players a totally different style. You will be amazed at the stunning designs. With each game won, you will have the chance to upgrade every single memeber of your team. It is definitely a gratifying thing to watch how each member of your team drastically improve their skills. At first, your team members just struggle to fight against the other team members. Everything is rather difficult. They do not even master the basic ball skills. But after you dedicate a few hours and sacrifice some of your attention, you will change this awkward situation immensely. You will find your players can pull off some moves and do some amazing tricks. Of course, there is also a written dialogue within the game. But if you do not like the cartoon style or the story itself, you can just tap through most things. The graphics in this game are easy and nice. You will find that football teams jerseys appear more tasteful and artful than they are in real life. You can even spot the stripes on each uniform. Ultimately, this is an amazing game for you to have a really great football adventure with your friends. Together, you will have a really great time. And it feels so good to win the champion as a team. And there is no need for you to worry about your football skills. There is enough room for you to try and enhance your football skills. You will have no frustrating feeling of any kind if you would like to be patient enough and master all the basic skills and get familiar with the controls beforehand. And if you are a fan of football games, you will find its essence and charm for yourself. Compared to the original game, the multiple options in this game are greatly improved. You will have a lot of joy by playing this game with your friends. So it is time to create and customize your own character and collect abundant rewards in order to upgrade your team. If you try your best, you can definitely solidify your team as a NFL dynasty. And you can definitely defeat all the NFL superstars. There is no reason for you to miss such an exicitng game!

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Madden NFL 21 Mobile is an all-new way to experience Madden NFL on the go. For the first time ever, create your own customizable character and take them into a brand-new dynamic challenge mode called The Yard. Experience all-new global locations on your rise to become an NFL Legend while still enjoying everything you’ve come to love about Madden NFL Mobile.

-Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay in The Yard: Underground.

-Become an NFL GM and take your team to the Super Bowl as you play through dynamic NFL seasons.

-Take on Madden's Masters where you’ll build your team of NFL Superstars and Legends.

-Compete with friends in Arena H2H or Overdrive as you define your NFL journey in the deepest and most competitive Madden NFL Mobile to date.

Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay where you’ll play an all-new story driven experience. Build yourself up, earn rewards, and more as you write your own legacy.

Assume the role of an NFL franchise team and take over as a GM. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team - including NFL Legends and Superstars - as you make your way to the Super Bowl and solidify your team as an NFL Dynasty.

Face off and defeat today's NFL Superstars and the daunting NFL Legends of yesteryear as you compete to unlock each Madden NFL Master. Go up against the best NFL players and help others along the way with Co-op Assist to become the real MVP of Madden NFL 21 Mobile.

Within The Yard, take your Avatar player anywhere, anytime. Keep all your gear from The Yard: Underground and use it across Console, PC, and Mobile! Make progress and earn rewards in all versions of Madden while you create your own legacy.

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