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Cheerleader Dance Off
Cheerleader Dance Off

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 113M

Developer:Coco Play By TabTale

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This is a fantastic dancing game. There is a background story. You are a girl. And you just joined a very cool new school. Here being a cheerleader equals to being a celebrity. You have the honor to join the cheerleader squad. This news is exciting because you are such a dancing lover. And I am sure you have the inborn talent for dancing. The whole school will thank you for showing all your dancing skills. Everything will be so exciting and memorable that you want to take videos for each contest that you have joined. But first you can make a profile for yourself. You can choose the color of your clothes, the hairstyle and your doctor in case you get hurt while you are dancing. If you would like to, you can give yourself a spa to fully relax yourself. But before you join any real contests, it is definitely necessary for you to polish your dancing skills. There is no need for you to worry about this even if you have no dancing experience in your real life since this is a very simple game. You can finish all of the tasks just by tapping with your finger on the screen. Of course, there are only several dancing moves available at the beginning of the game. But step by step, you can unlock all the moves one by one. And you will figure out your own dancing moves combination. It is definitely not an easy task to win each contest. But it is rather important for you to improve your dancing skills and have a sound mindset. You must always remember that you are one member of the whole team. Your individual performance counts a lot if you want to win as a team. But as long as you try your best, you will eventually win the contest. If you would like to, you can also take a video of your show. The most interesting thing is that you can also vote for other teams' performance. So before you start each contest, you must make sure that you will make all of your efforts to get the highest score and win more fans. You will also get your own score at the end of each contest. And there will be a rank list. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to go crazy and dance with your friends. If you are a real dancing lover, this game can help you involuntarily master all the dance moves. And it feels so good to dance with so many other players as a team. The whole stage effect is stunning. And the whole atmosphere is totally relaxing when you are dancing with other girls, which can help you forget all of your worries and give yourself into this sweet music world. Of course, as the new girl in school, you cannot win all the time. You lack the similar experience and you are not familiar with your team and you still need time to figure out how to cooperate with other members. Sometimes you just excitedly sign for a contest, but you end up with failure. Actually, this is normal. And you should not give up for one accident. You must dedicate to try your best for the sake of the cheerleader squad. And as long as you would like to put enough energy and time into your dancing career, there is a high possibility for you to become the captain. And you will always have a second chance in this game. Actually, once you help your squad win the first prize even for once, you will naturally have confidence to join the following big cheerleader dancing activities. You must believe that you will help your squad win many trophies and all those other dancing events of the year. As we all know that dancing is a very beautiful and hard activity. You will enjoy yourself a lot while you are dancing. But in the meantime, you also need to make a lot of efforts to become a perfect dancer. You need to work out at the gym to build up your muscles. You may get injuries during practice. And sometimes it is inevitable that you will become a little bit nervous for you performance. But as the old saying goes, "no pains, no gains". It means that you will also have a kind of unprecedented feeling of happiness while you are dancing in this game. For a moment, you will feel like that you are the best dancer in this world. You are expressing your love and your passion with your body. You merge with all those wonderful feelings. And your whole body is just as light as a feather!

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You’re the new girl in school, and you’ve decided to try out for the cheerleading squad! Join the squad and show ‘em what you got! Your dance skills will help you become a cheerleader pro, and maybe even captain! Help your squad win first prize in the big cheerleading dance off!

You just joined a cool new school, where being a cheerleader is like being a celebrity! You’ve just got to join the cheerleading squad! The squad will thank you for teaching them all your great dance moves! You’ll even get to choreograph the cheerleading routines! Help your squad win the trophy and beat all those other squads in the big cheerleading dance-off event of the year!

> Try out for the cheerleading squad at your new school – they’ll be begging you to join them!
> Become a cheerleading superstar! Your new bestie is the cheerleading captain, and the captain of the basketball team is SO cute! Will he notice you?!
> Get ready for the cheerleading dance-off event of the year! Get a killer makeover and a beautiful hairstyle!
> Work out at the gym to build up your cheerleader muscles!
> Oh no! You got a cheerleading injury! Go to the doctor and get better before the competition!
> Getting a little nervous? Relax at the spa before the cheerleading competition!
> Dress up in the coolest cheerleader outfits ever!
> Decorate the stage for the big cheerleading dance off contest!
> Choreograph your squad’s cheerleading dance routine – they’ll love it! But will the snobby judge?
> Keep your eyes on the 1st place prize, and cheer your way to the top!
> Dance ‘til you drop with a dance minigame!

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