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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

OS: Android

Version: VARY

Size: Varies with device


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If you love playing basketball, you should not miss this game. It will give you a wholly new experience of playing basketball. And when the weather is not good in your real life, you can always turn to this game to enjoy the exciting feeling of playing basketball. In the meantime, if you have no chance to play basketball in your real life, you can also try to play basketball here. Since this is a virtual game, there is nothing for you to lose. And it feels so good to play basketball while enjoying the wonderful background music. Even if you have no experience in playing basketball in your real life, there is no need for you to worry about this point. There is a very considerate tutorial guide at the beginning of this game to help you get familiar with all the basketball skills. Step by step, you can master all the skills before you compete with other players on the playground. You will learn all the basics before you compete in any big events. You can use the virtual sticks to control the direction of your highlighted player and move to the blue part. By pressing and holding down the shoot button and releasing once the meter is full, you can shoot the ball into the hoop. If you can manage to make a shot from outside the arc, you will score three. So you can just move to the target zone and sink the three-pointer. You can also tap and hold down the sprint button to drive across the court toward the basket. Anyway, this tutorial is very direct. You can definitely learn to perform many dunks after you try for some time. Maybe at the beginning, you just look a little clumsy. But there is no need for you to hurry. You will find yourself at ease if you would like to give yourself some time to get familiar with the controls. Once you get the trick, you will find that all the controls are rather smooth and easy to handle. And you will feel so exciting to take your time and explore different modes. Your goal in this game is very simple. You just need to get players from the past and present across the NBA and lead them on the court to win the top place on the rank list. So it is very important for you to give a very shiny name for your dynasty. It is also necessary for you to create a solid team spirit among your teammates. You will soon realize the importance of cooperation when you are fighting against other teams in Head-to-Head matches, seasons and other fun events. If you want to get trophies, you need to learn to cooperate with each other. So it is time for you to forget everything else and hit the court. Although this is a virtual game which cannot really help you build your muscles and loosen your body, it can definitely help you clear your mind. If you are a basketball lover, it is definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time exploring this perfect virtual basketball world. It is perfect in details. And nothing can be more exciting than competing with those famous basketball superstars around the world. The most important thing is that this is a good opportunity for you to polish your own basketball skills. You can learn a lot from these elite players. So there is no reason for you miss this opportunity. Sports game, especially basketball game can help you get rid of all your worries for the moment and let you fully enjoy yourself. So if you feel boring now or if you have nothing else to do, you should immerse yourself into this world of basketball and show your basketball skills and talents. The audience will applaud crazily for your amazing performance. Of course, sometimes things may become frustrating if you lose a very good opportunity to shoot the ball into the hoop and get the score for your team. But the more important thing is to enjoy yourself. Now it is time for you to release all your energies and find all your passion back. You will find that if you would like to play by following your instinct, you will be invincible. And your blood will be boiling when you are playing basketball with your dream superstars. It will be very easy for you to become addicted to this game. And it is very natural for you to try all the skills that you learned by playing this virtual game on the real playground. And your buddies will be amazed by your wonderful and enhanced basketball skills. At last, every time when you feel down or when you feel like that you want to exercise a little but the weather is not fine, you can always come here and play basketball with your virtual basketball friends and have a great time. There is no need for you to hold back your true strength. And there is no need for you to hide your true feelings. No one will judge you here. You can just be your self and enjoy yourself in this world of basketball. You must believe that the world will be conquered by your perfect and seamless basketball skills and talents!

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Choose your path to greatness and build your super team in an all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile.

SUPERSTARS have taken over Season 4. Build your team around SUPERSTAR players with special abilities and traits. Collect current and classic legendary players, courts, jerseys, and unique boosters to build your team. Capture the spotlight and create your legacy your way.

This all-new player type allows you to collect some of the NBA’s greatest players and enhance them throughout the season. Unlock SUPERSTARS like Joel Embiid and continue to increase their OVR all season. SUPERSTARS have special abilities and traits, and are the core of any team – including yours.

Start the season right with our all-new team building experience. Choose your team and pick a SUPERSTAR to lead them team to victory. Based on your DRAFT RANK, earned in SEASON 3 of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile, unlock additional supporting players and BOOSTS. Don’t worry if you missed SEASON 3, you’ll still get your choice of SUPERSTAR.

EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile introduces its first ever permanent lineup. Our Multi-Year Lineup will allow you to play with any player you’ve earned, together on one team. Use your Multi-Year Lineup in our POWER RANKING campaign to climb the ranks and prove that you’ve built the most dominant team of all time!

Compete in the NBA all year long with campaigns to keep your team at the top. Every week brings new content, stories, and events. Score incredible bonuses in real-life matchups and break ankles in every mode with friends and foes. Become a hoop master all day, every day.

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