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Brain Out - Can you pass it?
Brain Out - Can you pass it?

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.2

Size: 48M

Developer:Focus apps

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This is a really wonderful puzzle game. It features many interesting mini games which are designed to improve memory, reaction and calculation ability, attention to details and many other important learning skills and abilities. If you are desperate because your child has difficulty in focusing his attention on tiny details, this game can assist you in solving this tricky problem. Can you imagine that someday you will spend a whole afternoon in counting the number of hair on somebody's head with your child? It is really crazy, right? But it is also really amazing and interesting to do such weird things if you have nothing else to do and if you just want to find a really funny way to kill your time. And it is better for you to invite your friends to challenge yourselves together in this game. You will laugh a lot and you will spend a really great time together. Here by immersing yourselves into this really strange world, you will forget all of your troubles and worries. Nothing will bother you anymore. There are many amazing questions here. And at the first sight, you might think that all these questions are really easy to answer. But once you try it for yourself, you will find out that nothing is easy. For example, you need to choose the biggest one among four normal fruits: an apple, a watermelon, a banana, and a strawberry. Usually, the player will just choose the apple without hesitation, because apple is the biggest one in the picture. But the right answer is watermelon because if you would like to think carefully beforehand, you would find out that there is no apple that is bigger than a watermelon. Hilarious! Such kind of question is a great test for your imaginative abilities and your ability of solving a puzzle by involving the situation in our real life. And sometimes the player needs to select a certain item which is totally different from the rest of the group. You might say that, "this is just a piece of cake!" Actually, it is not. For example, you will have a question like this: please choose the highest one among the following things. And you have an elephant, a dog, a giraffe and a monkey and the sun on the picture. Most players will choose giraffe without hesitation because considering the height, there is no doubt that the giraffe is the highest one. But the correct answer is the Sun! The sun is in the sky. So the sun is the highest, and the sun is the correct answer. Amazing and strange. Right? Such answers are so unexpected that you just want to challenge yourself again and again to find the right answer without surprising yourself. But this is the key and essence of this game. You must always think out of the box. Another task is to test your ability of distinguishing details. You will be given six pieces of watermelons with different number of seeds on them. And your job is to find out the different one, which is a great challenge for your visual intelligence. Some players with high visual intelligence can find the minor difference in a very short time. However, some players just spend one day and they cannot successfully figure out where is the real difference between all these pieces of watermelon. Of course, many players just feel that they have never played such kind of strange game. All the answers are really unexpected. All the answers just derailed from our normal habit of thinking. And it is a great challenge for our visual intelligence to find the correct answer in the limited period of time. Sometimes you just cannot but applaud for your amazing emotional and intelligent quotient. But sometimes you just accused of yourself being so stupid when you know the correct answer. But it is really fun to play this game. And if you are a parent, it is a wonderful thing to play this new puzzle game with your kids together, because this game can help exercise your child's brain power. Besides, it can also help kids increase their strategic and logic skill. So it is time for you to rack your brain with your best friends or kids and laugh out loud. Just enjoy yourself and forget everything else!

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