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Cooking Diary
Cooking Diary

OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 85M


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Welcome! Tasty Hill is waiting for your service for a very long time! In this game, you will have the chance to cook the most delicious food in this world. The amazing thing is that you will inherit a huge restaurant from your grandfather who is a very famous chef. Of course, he also gave you many recipes. So you can definitely run this restaurant and earn a lot of profits. It feels so good to serve for the customers and make them feel happy. If you have played similar cooking games, it is rather easy for you to get familiar with the corresponding cooking procedures. Of course, there is also enough space for you to explore some new recipes. And when your restaurant becomes bigger and bigger, you need to hire some staff to help you. It is definitely worthwhile for you to hire some excellent staff who aspire to make delicious food. They can help you save a lot of time and energy. In the meantime, by working together with your staff, you can make better food. Food industry is one branch of the service industry. So you must always put your service as your priority. If you cannot provide your customers with high-quality service, they will be disappointed in you and your restaurant. This will be the last thing that you want to see. And it will be a disaster. If you want to make profits, you must make sure that you serve for your customers with your whole heart. So it is also necessary to buy some audio equipment for your restaurant. Customers will be more patient and more generous if you play something soothing and beautiful while they are enjoying their food. In a word, you must try your best to make your customers satisfied. If they think that your performance is really good, you will get numerous gold coins. The thing you should notice is that the coins are not collected automatically. So you must remember to collect the coins right away when the customer leaves. Otherwise, the next customer will have no place to sit. And another thing you should pay attention to is the time limit on the left upper hand on your screen. If you run out of time and you still cannot finish your target, it will be the end of the game. Usually, it will be not that kind of hard or challenging for you to collect enough number of gold coins before the time runs out. It is also advisable to decorate your restaurant. Decoration plays a very important role. If you can decorate your restaurant properly, the whole atmosphere will be comfortable. So you can attract more customers to visit your restaurant. It is not a kind of waste for you to decorate or beautify your restaurant. On the contrary, it is a long-term investment, which is profitable. And when you think that your cooking skills are good enough and skilled enough, you can participate into the cooking events. You can fully immerse yourself into cooking and forget everything else. To show the best side of you, you can try to pick some fashionable outfits for yourself. As a fashionable chef, you will shock the whole world. You can also make friends with different types of cute pets and enjoy delicious food made by chefs from different parts of the world. You will never feel lonely. You will find that you are totally attracted by the amazing story contained in this game. And you can always interact with customers from Tasty Hills. You are really popular here. Everybody dreams to enjoy some wonderful food out of your magic hands. And everybody will remember you because of your amazing cooking skills. So it is time for you to have a cooking party in this game. You will get to know many friends who are cooking lovers from different parts of the world. You can also talk with them online. Cooking will be the most strongest bond between you and your friend. Maybe in your real life, you can hardly find any friends who can share cooking skills with you. But in this game, you can always come to this platform and start your cooking journey with those hospitable friends around the globe to cook some delicious food and kill your spare time when you are going on some boring weekends, or when you are suffering from loneliness. It is not just about having some fun. In the meantime, this is definitely a wonderful way for you to polish your cooking skills. When you are interacting with those excellent chefs, you will know how to refine your own cooking process. They would like to help you improve your cooking skills. The surprise is that a crazy idea may pop up in your mind. You may want to run a real restaurant in your real life. This game can give you a lot of creative ideas about how to successfully run a restaurant and how to attract customers. The most important thing is that it can definitely show you how to make the most fabulous food in this world. It will be a pity for any of us to miss the mouth-watering food. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to enjoy some tasty food and relax yourself. You can definitely find a different kind of pleasure when you are making delicious food in this game. The secret of becoming a cooking master is to sacrifice everything for your customers, which means that when you are cooking, you must put all of your attention onto your food cooking process. You cannot be distracted by other things. The only way for you to make excellent food is to put all of your heart into the cooking process. If you can do this, you will make a difference in the food industry!

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Become the chef of your own restaurant in an exciting and FREE time management game! Cooking Diary is the best cooking game recognized by prestigious awards, loved and supported by MILLIONS OF PLAYERS around the world! Caution: this game can cause real culinary fever!

Welcome to Tasty Hills—a city where everyone loves to cook! It's your turn to keep a cooking diary. Help your grandpa save his family restaurant chain and build his reputation back up! Don't give your competitors a single chance to cook up evil plans, while you find true friends, manage restaurants and cafés, and cook top-quality dishes! Join fascinating events in the city's vibrant lifestyle, and gain fame as a great chef!

● COOK hundreds of delicious recipes from around the world!
● OPEN dozens of restaurants and cafés in all the districts of Tasty Hills and decorate them to your taste!
● AMAZE the whole world by trying on ultra-stylish looks!
● MAKE FRIENDS with cute and amazing pets of all kinds!
● WIN in various culinary competitions with lots of prizes!
● INTERACT with the residents of the city and immerse yourself in an exciting story!

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