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Swing Loops
Swing Loops

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 5.0

Size: 80M


* For reference, The Swing Loops game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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This will be the most amazing Parkour game that you have ever played. You will have this golden opportunity to run forward on top of many high buildings. You will find that all those skyscrapers under your feet are actually so small. Everything is so amazing. It feels so good to run forward in the air. Nothing can stop you. And you will feel total freedom. After you successfully finish your level, you will get more tools and power-ups. These tools and power-ups can give you a better game experience. So you will not get bored with this game. The feeling is so good when you are running forward and climbing up high walls. And the happy soundtrack will make you feel like that you are the happiest person under the sun. There are no words that can be used to describe this kind of amazing feeling. You will just get addicted to this kind of feeling. And this feeling will become priceless to you. You would like to sacrifice everything to get this kind of amazing feeling again and again. Here you are so Free. The whole sky and the whole world are yours. You are the sole master here. Even if there are other players to compete with you, you still feel like that. you are the best and you are invincible. So you must try it for yourself. And I believe this game will become your favorite. You will have an unforgettable running experience in this game. Your mind keeps turning in an endless loop while you are running forward. You can never imagine to run forward with thousands of other players over thousands of skyscrapers at the same time. And in the end, you will run right into the center of the city. The most crazy part is that at some point you will notice that you are just swinging back and forth and flying like a wild bird. Besides, this game includes some distinctive features. First, each level consists of altogether 11 sub levels. The thing is that you cannot be foxy or take any shortcuts to try to skip any of the level to reach the next destination. You must be an honest gamer and unlock one level after another. Second, you will never feel monotonous while you are running forward because each sub level differs from other levels in terms of route and other features. So there is definitely no place for boredom. Third, you will be excited to hear that this game includes competition. You will have the chance to compete with other runners from different parts of the world. You will feel an unparalleled feeling of freedom while you are running forward with other players. Of course, there are also other features, including the new stylish outfits, the various actions that you can perform, including flying, jumping and running. The good news is that you can always start from the beginning even if you fail or you fall down from a very high building. And you will also have the chance to collect many classical stuff, including diamonds, many golden keys, and other collectible things. By the way, the colorful crystals can be of great help, because you can use these crystals to purchase things such as clothes, skateboards, water boats and other tools for climbing. You will find nothing of the old school in this game. And you will definitely fall in love with the highly realistic design of all locations. Anyway, while you are playing this game, you will just find that your life is just like this swing rope. But you must grip it tightly. And the more you play swing loops, the less mood swings you will have in your real life. So you deserve to download this amazing Parkour game and have some fun. It can help you stay happy all the time. It basically leaves you no chance to be sad. You will just forget all of your worries. Arthur Schopenhauer once said that life is just like a pendulum which swings back and forth from boredom to pain. But in this game, you will just swing from happiness to more happiness, from a lower degree of enjoyment to a higher and deeper degree of enjoyment. You will feel nothing painful. On the contrary, you will just feel a kind of nameless momentum to swing forward, to fully enjoy this swing adventure by avoiding and neglecting all those moving or still obstacles. It is just exactly like you are running from the beginning of your life to the end of your life. By playing this game, you will see that even in your real life, you should focus on those valuable diamonds and treasures instead of worrying about those obstacles and those unpredictable dangers. This is the only way for you to get the best out of your life. So just start your swinging journey. You will harvest a lot of fun on your journey. And you will feel total freedom. Maybe those obstacles are really high in your real life, and it seems that there is no possibility for you to climb over these tall buildings. But in this game, you can definitely swing back and forth among those big skyscrapers without any pressure. If you can be an excellent swinger in this game, you can definitely play the swing game of your life in the perfect way!

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Тry to name one or two parkour games – can you? Not likely! But now, come find out why not this time – check on your own why Swing Loops will become your favorite… and a game you’ll never forget!

Your mind keeps spinning in an endless loop.

Literally! Just close your eyes and imagine…A huge megalopolis, thousands of skyscrapers, even traffic jams (yeah, the game design is really that realistic, don’t look so surprised!), with you running around

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