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Words Episode
Words Episode

OS: Android

Version: 4.0

Size: 7.3M

Developer:Words Mobile

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This is a really wonderful and exciting game. There is a background story. You are not a very fortunate person in this real world and your working life just makes you feel miserable everyday. So in order to improve your life quality, you throw yourself into a not very thoughtful bank robbery crime and you think that this is a very easy thing to do. On the contrary, everything is just wrong. And you are put into prison. So SAD! And now there is no way for you to tolerate this kind of boring prison life. But you just cannot give up all the hopes so easily. So you activate your own escape plan to get out of this kind of dilemma. And to complete this mission, you must solve all the word puzzles. As an attempted bank theft, the fact is that all the puzzles are not very easy for you to solve in a short period of time. So you need to focus and try your best. Not everything is so bad. Actually, it can help you forget all your worries and troubles and let you totally enjoy yourself in this new world. You will forget the existence of time and space for the moment. And the whole process can help expand your vocabulary storage. You will have a real crazy adventure here. Your life and your job are totally new. Actually, the life here is not that kind of easy as you imagined. You still need to work hard day by day to break prison, but it will keep you busy and forget that you are a prisoner. And there is no time for you to think about too many other things. The only thing you can think of is to get out of here. And all the puzzles in front of you will attract all your attention. And the most interesting thing is that the game applies interesting cartoon styles. So no matter you are adult or just a child, you will like to spend some good time with this cute figure. And you can complete the challenge by just searching the word according to the requirements. Believe me, you will work really hard to save yourself. There are also other activities and tasks, which are very creative and will bring you different game experiences. The good thing is that there is no time limit. And there is no punishment of any kind no matter your answer is wrong or correct. So there is no need for you to hurry. Just take your time to solve the puzzles one by one and be patient! And if you can successfully find out the extra words, you will get bonus. And if you get stuck, the good news is that you can always turn to the hint service to get guidance for your next step. Generally speaking, it is worthwhile for you to try this game. All the graphics are really exquisite. And the stories are interesting. Even if you have no such kind of game experience, it is also very easy for you to control. You just need to keep making words and try to successfully escape from this prison. Just believe in yourself that you can do it. No word can hide its true face under your piercing eyes. And you will eventually get your own freedom. But remember next time that it is not a very good idea to rob the bank to get rich. HAHA! So it is time for you to start your adventure and try to get yourself out of the dire situation. Life in prison cannot be more boring! So wish you all the luck in this world! Remember that you are the best!

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Words Episode lets you choose your destiny! In thirst for a better life, you are involved in an ill-conceived bank robbery which swears to be a quick and easy job. Instead, things go utterly wrong and you are put in jail. Now launch the escape plan step-by-step to break yourself out by solving word puzzles!

Words Episode Features:
- Change fate through your searching words
- Beautiful graphics with easy controls and fun story
- Go it alone or use hints to get clues
- Earn rewards for finding extra words
- No time limit or penalties for wrong answers
- Immerse yourself in dozens of diverse prison escape episodes

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