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Hospital Inc.
Hospital Inc.

OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 151M

Developer:Lion Studios

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In this game, you will have the chance to be a dentist who is excellent in dealing with different kinds of teeth problems. You will repair different types of broken teeth. You will enjoy yourself a lot in this process. And you will also master the basic knowledge about being a dentist. When you have some teeth problems in your real life, you just go to see the dentist, lie down there and let the dentist heal your teeth. But actually when you become a dentist yourself, you will find that everything is not that kind of easy. You must be careful when you are repairing the holes between the teeth. And you cannot make any mistake while you are pulling out the broken truth. It will be a disaster if you just accidentally pull out healthy tooth. So the most important thing to be a qualified dentist is to focus on your job all the time. But you will be rewarded bountifully at the end of each level. If your performance is good enough, you will definitely feel a deep sense of satisfaction for providing perfect service for your patients. They will also feel great gratitude for your service because you help alleviate their toothache. Of course, it is not an easy thing to be an excellent dentist. So you must try your best to practice your skills as a dentist. And you must be patient during this process. And it is not very easy for you to become bored with this game, because you have the chance to have your own orthopedic room. Besides being a dentist, you will also have other tasks of treating your patients as a doctor. The more exciting thing is that you will also have this golden opportunity to own and manage your own hospital. You can make profit by scientifically and perfectly manage your hospital. But if you want to make money, you must help your patients regain their health first. In the meantime, you also need to try your best and make all of your efforts to become a good doctor. It is not just about going through all the clinical procedures. To be a good doctor, you must really care about your patients and help them with their pain. You need to have this sense of responsibility towards your patients. And you must take care of them whenever a certain patient needs you. Since your hospital is really special, you will find that it is highly profitable to help patients deal with their appearance problems. By using modern medical machines, you can make your patients become big or small. It is just like doing magic. And it is more interesting than treating those eroded teeth. But it is very important for you to upgrade your hospital frequently. And the more important thing is to purchase the most efficient equipment for your staff. Of course, it is also necessary for you to hire qualified staff to work for you. There is no way for you to run a hospital without enough money and qualified medical workers. So you must make sure that your hospital will make profit by being a perfect hospital manager. But in order to make enough profit to run your hospital, you must first guarantee that your patients will be satisfied with the hospital service provided by you and your staff. And if you can successfully help your patients retrieve their health at the help of your qualified and professional medical staff, they would like to repay you abundantly for your service. So patients' satisfaction is the key for you to run this hospital in a perfect way. And you should never refuse to provide medical services if there is an emergency. Besides making money, you should have this sense of responsibility to heal every living being that is in need of your medical help. This is the precondition of being a qualified doctor. For example, sometimes you need to admit a sick dog to get immediate medical treatment in your hospital, if it is necessary for this dog to get surgery right away. And if there are other emergencies, you should also provide instant medical assistance. Of course, it is more profitable for a hospital to provide special services, like helping people to lose weight and make them become bigger and smaller as they desired. But your priority is to provide timely medical assistance for those creatures and human beings who are badly in need of your help. Otherwise, thiese living beings will lose their lives. So you should clearly understand that it is a very difficult task to be a qualified doctor and to be a professional manager of a large hospital. No matter what may happen, you must always keep calm. And sometimes some patients may treat you or your staff in a very bad attitude because of the pain. But as a professional doctor, you should keep calm and you can never lose your temper in front of your patients. In our real life, it is very unlikely for us to have this valuable experience of being a doctor to treat other people and to provide patients with medical service. But this game can help you realize your dream of being a doctor. And it can help you get familiar with the doctors' job. You will understand that it is a really hard thing to be an excellent doctor. But you will have a lot of joy since you can do all kinds of amazing things as a doctor. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to put on your white gown and treat your patients. They will feel great gratitude for your considerate medical service. And you will also become addicted to healing your patients!

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Patients are sick and they need your care! Be the best doctor you can be in Hospital Inc. Clients will come in with different ailments. Help sick children with pimples that need popping. Some people will have hurting teeth that will need to get checked out. Help operate, or bandage, or cut up some sick patients in order to repair and heal them. They are trusting their lives with your surgical care - will you be the best doc for them?

Cut,snip and bandage peoples bodies. You run the best hospital in town and you need to keep the customers coming. This is the best dr simulation game there is. Heal the world one patient at a time. You are a miracle worker and can make anyone feel better. No broken bone is too hard to fix, no ailment is too difficult for you to figure out.

Now you can become a doctor without spending countless years of your life in school. Time to make your parents proud!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Feel the satisfaction without the pain? Customers will come in looking for your help and it is up to you to fix them

2. Run your own hospital
You are the best doctor in town and people keep coming back to you to heal them

3. So many injuries!
Each injury requires its own unique way to heal it - can you figure them all out?

4. Feel the experience
Feel every stitch or bandage you make!

Time to feel like the smart person you are. Show the world how talented you are. Time to play Hospital Inc.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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