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OS: Android/IOS

Version: 7.0

Size: Varies with device

Developer:LEGO System A/S

* For reference, The LEGO HIDDEN SIDE game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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Welcome to the quiet and sweet town of Newbury. This small town is haunted by ghosts. So it is your mission to hunt down all those ghosts and bring peace to those villagers again. The most distinctive feature of this game is that it applies the AR technology. So all your outfit, your pets and all the ghosts in this game are more real to you. And you feel like your phone is the most unbelievable device designed for capturing the ghosts. It is super easy to start your interesting ghost-hunting career. It might sound creepy to hunt ghosts as a human being, but actually it is fun. First, you just need to build your set. And then you should download the app to turn your cellphone into a ghost detector. After this, you can scan your model to reveal the Hidden Side of all things no matter how great or small it is in Newbury, and then you can hunt those ghosts haunting the sweet town. The AR technology in this game will give you a chance to learn the different and unknown sides of the town. At first, it is just a normal town in your sight. But with the AR technology, you can see even the most tiniest thing in this town. Nothing can escape your eyes. So it is better for you to do a little research before you taking any specific actions. With the help of the ghost detector, you can also find out the specific locations of those ghosts. And some of the secrets about the ghosts are buried underground. You can try to get to the specific location and figure out the content of each secret. You will not be alone in this game, for you can also ask your friend to hunt those hazards together. Together, you will complete the mission perfectly. Generally speaking, this game combines modern technology with human imagination. You will experience both fun and exciting feelings in this game. Since ancient times, hunting is the most exciting sports under the sun, let alone hunting ghosts. In ordinary life, it might sound crazy to hunt ghosts whose existence is an enigma. In this game, ghosts are real and you can really hunt ghosts. Besides, you will not only hunt with your hands, you mainly hunt with your brain and your super eyes at the help of the ghost detector. So enjoy your hunting and wish you luck!

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LEGO® Hidden Side works by combining real life and the virtual world – but now it’s even more engaging. Multiplayer mode adds an entirely new dimension to the Hidden Side AR experience. One player becomes the hunter while up to three friends play as ghosts. Who will win? Playing the game is the only way to find out!

Welcome to LEGO® HIDDEN SIDE™ and the quiet town of Newbury.

See your set, minifigures, and ghosts come to life with our free AR app, and turn your phone into an instant ghost-hunting device.

Just scan any of the eight haunting sets and join our heroes Jack and Parker on their supernatural missions!

Meet your team of ghost hunters, including Jack, Parker & JB!

It’s super easy to start your ghost-hunting career:
1. Build your set
2. Download the app to turn your phone into a ghost detector
3. Scan your model to reveal the Hidden Side of Newbury
… and then hunt those haunting hazards!

Do you like ghost stories? Build and be part of one!

Designed for kids aged 7+.

The app works on devices that support ARCore.

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