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OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 27M

Developer:LEGO System A/S

* For reference, The LEGO City game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

Edit Notes

This is a really wonderful game. It is totally free. There are no in-app purchases or in-app advertisements, you will spend a really great time here. Everything in this game is so real. And you will have really amazing experience that there is no way for you to find the opportunity to try such crazy things in real life. It will not let you down. And it will not make you feel boring even if you spend for a very long time in this game. And if you would like to, you can also invite your friends to explore this wonderful world together. You can try to solve all the difficult problems together. And you must be heroic and brave because you will play different characters and roles in this game. For example, as a lego city policeman, you need to keep all the bad guys behind bars and keep the city in safety. Although it is not very easy for you to complete this task, it is really fun. And the people in this city will feel great gratitude for your contribution. And as a lego city fire fighter, you must always keep on guard. And if there is any fire emergency, you must put out the fire timely. Otherwise the people will get hurt and the whole city will be destroyed. So as you can see, you play a very important role in this game. And all the people in this city count on you. And you can also be an explorer to investigate those active volcanoes. You must do your job very carefully because this is very important for the people living in this city. And if there is any sign of volcano eruption, you must warn the people in advance and try to help them move to a much safer place. So the lives of the countless people are in your hands. It is better for you to try your best. And the most amazing thing is that you can be a pilot in this game, which means you will have the chance to drive an airplane to compete with other players. And it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction by winning the final victory in this competition. And the feeling of driving an airplane is really wonderful. You can not miss it because there is no such golden opportunity for you to try to drive an airplane in real life. But the thing is that you must always be brave and courageous to complete all these missions. It is not an easy thing to be a qualified policeman or a firefighter or a pilot. So you must try your best. Anyway, by completing these different kinds of missions. You will eventually create your own lego® world. And you will be the sole master here. The people of this city are waiting for your coming. So what are you still waiting for? Just start your journey of building your own world. Even if you are not skilled enough, and you find out that your world is not perfect enough, this world is the one and only in this universe. It is unique. It is your own masterpiece. You give it life and soul. There are no rules or restrictions. You can just follow your own imagination to create your own wonderful world. Even if there is no blueprint or guidance, I believe you have this inborn lego talent. And it is your destined mission to create this special wonderland for the universe. And no one can replace you!

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Blast off into fun and adventure in outer space with the LEGO® City Explorers app! Launch your own digital rocket and go on missions like a real astronaut. Combine this app with the Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228) set to launch the rocket digitally into outer space This awesome new app is inspired by NASA and the incredible adventures astronauts go on all the time.

- Use the Mission Control Board to send your rocket into space!
- Go on exciting missions, build cool models and take photos of them!
- Check out awesome videos of real NASA astronauts at work, plus space vehicles, rockets and more!
- Digital building instructions for LEGO City Space models, featuring Instructions Plus for selected products – zoom, rotate and even get a view of the completed model in ghost mode. A great companion for LEGO building!
- Combine with 60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control for even more fun!
- Explore outer space the LEGO way!

Important information
The LEGO City Explorers app is FREE to download.
The app is available for phone.
The app is suitable for kids from 5 years and up.
There’s no third-party advertising. LEGO marketing content and information is served in hope of inspiring children’s creative play.

We will utilize your personal information to manage your account and review anonymized data to provide a safe, contextualized and excellent LEGO experience. You can learn more here: https://www.lego.com/privacy-policy and here: https://www.lego.com/legal/notices-and-policies/terms-of-use-for-lego-apps/.

Our privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted if you download this app.

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