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Pull Him Out
Pull Him Out

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.4

Size: 71M

Developer:Lion Studios

* For reference, The Pull Him Out game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

Edit Notes

This is a really fun and creative game. If you can finish each level only trying for once, it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction. Actually, it is a very simple game for you to play. But it needs you to use your intelligence to solve different types of problems. You will be put into different kinds of difficult and life-endangering situations. What you need to do is to save yourself from dropping into the lava or other dangerous traps. At the same time, you need to collect as many diamonds and gold as possible. You will find that the treasure and the dangers always lie together. So you must avoid the danger to obtain the treasure. Of course, sometimes it is not easy. But you must believe in yourself that you can always find a perfect way to save yourself and get the diamond. It seems that this game is designed for clever people to play. But this is exactly the reason why you should try this game. Since it involve some logic and strategic ability, after you try several levels, you will see how clever you are. Each step matters. So you must think carefully before you make any move because reckless action means instant death since there are so many unexpected traps, including spiders, poisonous gas, zombies, and huge rocks. Any of them can kill you. So sometimes you must be wise and employ every means to let these enemies stop each other to make your own way. For example, you can let the rock roll over the zombies first. This can help save your energy and time. And then you can just take the advantage and vanish with the diamond. This is a really amazing pin pull puzzle game. Some players may think this game is really rudimentary. And all scenarios are extremely easy since each level has less than five pins to pull. But it feels so good to decorate the museum and to try all those costumes. There are numerous skins available for you to choose. So if you have nothing else to do, it is a really wonderful choice of amusement for you to spend some time in this game. And even if this game is not that kind of challenging, it is very easy for you to become addicted to it. And it feels so good to save those victims in that kind of dangerous situation. Of course, you will be rewarded abundantly after finishing each task! Since this game is based on real situations in real life. So it is really good for children to play this game. The child will learn how to make fire and the specific steps of making fire, the knowledge about electricity and the relation between water and electricity, also many knowledge about physics, and science and mathematics. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time enjoying this exceptional game with your child. Together, you will laugh a lot and have a really happy time. And you will also find that it is such a really exciting thing to relive all those wonderful things in your real life. It is a happy way to strengthen parent-child bond. So what are you still waiting for? No matter you are a child or an adult, there is always space for you to find your own joy in this pin-pulling game. You just have to believe in yourself that there is always a way for you to get out no matter how tricky the situation might be. And it is time for you to build your own museum!

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The hunter begins his journey for treasure, but the puzzles in front of the hunter trapped him. What you need to do is to draw the stick in the right order, so that the hunter can take the hidden treasure away safely.

Go along with the hunter and help him collect as much treasure as you can!

* Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
* Suitable for all ages
* Use your brain to solve the puzzles
* No time limited, enjoy yourself

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