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Lep's World Z
Lep's World Z

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 48M

Developer:nerByte GmbH

* For reference, The Lep's World Z game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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Welcome into Lep's world. Lep's World Z is a very popular game around the world. Unfortunately, this world is haunted by some zombies. So you need to be brave and try your best to help Lep and his friends to take down all these enemies. It is really exciting to have this adventure with Lep. Of course, these zombies are menacing, but you also have your own superpower. So there is no need for you to be afraid. Besides, you will have the assistance of numerous heroes with different skills. Together, you can fight against those vicious zombies. And as long as you have confidence in yourself and if you can always be careful, you will conquer the zombies. But it is very important for you to keep calm in front of the gigantic zombie hordes. If you show fear or if you hesitate, you will lose already. The good news is that during your journey, you will come across other survivors who would like to join you to resist the zombie invasion and put an end to the zombie invasion forever. There are more than 60 levels. You will have a breathtaking experience in each level. And you will have the golden opportunity to explore new areas in each level. You can act as different heroes. And by taking advantage of the super power of each of these characters, you can fight against those zombies fearlessly and you will experience the intense boss battles. There is no need to say that this is a wonderful game. The game graphics are really amazing with wonderful animation. The most amazing thing is that you can compare your game progress with that of your friends' on Facebook and see whose performance is better. And you will definitely fall in love with those tricky achievements and cool ranking lists. If you would like to, you can invite your best friends to join you since there is a multiplayer mode. Together, you can make a team and try to defeat those zombies, which will be really great and which can help strengthen the friendship between you. And if you would like to, you can also purchase some in-game items and power-ups with real money. So you can have better gaming experience. Anyway, if you are a Lep fan, you will find that this is a very interesting game and you will super like it. It is normal that some levels are really hard. And it is impossible for you to get all the stars at the end of each level. The worse thing is that sometimes you will even get stuck because some items cannot work correctly. But it is not a reason for you to give up. You will still have a lot of fun by challenging yourself again and again. So why not give yourself a chance to enjoy this wholly new Lep's world. If you try hard enough, you will get a lot of rewards for your wonderful performance. It is time for you to jump into Lep's world and start your new adventure. Of course, there is no doubt that you will meet a lot of challenges, but in the meanwhile you will have a lot of fun. You will forget all of your worries while you are moving forward with Lep. So what are you still waiting for? Lep has been waiting for you for a very long time and he cannot afford to waste another minute! You must always remember that you have a really great mission here. Nothing can distract you from rushing forward with Lep!

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Help! The undead are coming... The world is being overrun by zombies! Are you brave enough to help Lep and his friends?

Ready for an adventure? The creators of "Lep's World" present a platformer with menacing zombies, lots of heroes with different skills, impressive boss battles and much, much more!

"Lep's World Z" is an action-packed adventure in a world after the zombie invasion! Lep is fleeing with his mobile home from the gigantic zombie hordes. On his journey, he meets other survivors, who join forces with him to overcome the dangerous zombie ringleaders and put an end to the invasion. Are you prepared to take on this challenge?

+ Discover new areas (more than 60 levels in a breathtaking game world)
+ Play with different heroes (Lep, Officer Giles, Darren Watson, Mary Whyte and plenty more)
+ Fight against many challenging opponents
+ Intense boss battles
+ Wonderful animations and game graphics
+ Compare your progress with that of your friends on Facebook!
+ Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version
+ Game Services with tricky achievements and cool ranking lists
+ Multiplayer feature
+ Optimized for all devices

Note: Although "Lep's World Z" can be downloaded and played completely free of charge, some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you prefer not to make use of this feature, please deactivate in-app purchases in the settings for your device.



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Enjoy "Lep's World Z"!

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