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Nail Salon 3D
Nail Salon 3D

OS: Android

Version: 5.0

Size: 57M

Developer:Lion Studios

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If you love doing manicure, you should not miss this game. You will learn a lot of skills about making your nails become beautiful by playing this game. There is no way for you to get bored with this game, because in your real life, you cannot find so many nail shapes for you to polish your manicure skills. But in this game, there are various kinds of nail shapes available. So you are free to file different nails of different shapes. You will have fun by giving those nails different colors. And since this is just a virtual game, there is no need for you to worry about that you may make some mistakes. You can always start all over again, if you are not satisfied with your nail work. But it is very important for you to serve for your customers with whole heart. You must make sure that all of your customers will be satisfied with your work. Of course, if your performance is good enough, you will be rewarded abundantly. And with the coins you earned, you can upgrade your salon step by step. It will give you a deep sense of satisfaction for successfully serving for your customers and gradually upgrading your salon. If you can provide your clients with more comfortable environment and a rather relaxing atmosphere, more and more customers will come to visit your salon. So it is definitely necessary for you to improve your salon from time to time once you obtain enough gold coins. This is a kind of great investment. In the meantime, it is very important for you to be patient and take your time while you are doing manicure for your customers, because if you polish the nail at a very fast speed, you will find that the surface of the nail will become uneven. But if you would like to be a little bit slower while you are doing nails, you will find that the surface of the nail will become shining. So it is better for you to try every efforts within your ability to give your customers the perfect nails that they want. And you should view this nail thing from a correct perspective. It is not just about giving your customers' nails some colors. Actually, it is a kind of artistic process. It can help your customers improve their self confidence and it will give your customers' life a totally different color because of your perfect nail work. So everything is just worth it. As for the game play, it is very easy for you to play this game. You can just follow the guidance and finish your work. Everything is quite natural. But the thing is that you cannot be too rush. If you file too hard, you will hurt your clients. And they will be unhappy, which will be a disaster because this means you will lose both profits and your clients. It is very important for your customers to trust your professional skills. But you will enjoy the whole process anyway. It feels so great to give those nails of different shapes different colors and make them shine. Every time when you finish your work without making any mistake, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. And you will definitely feel proud of yourself. If you would like to, you can also try to give your friends some perfect manicure enjoyment. And they will be amazed at how many manicure skills that you have learned by playing this game. Of course, you can also give yourself the perfect manicure by playing this game. And there is no need for you to worry about the tool problems. You have all the tools, colors and nail shapes that you need in this game. And you can use all of them for free. So there is no reason for you to miss this game, if you want to learn some practical skills about beautifying your nails. And you will never regret for playing this game, because you will have a lot of fun by making those nails become perfect. You will enjoy every moment and every time while you are polishing different colors on the nail. And you will love the experience. The most important thing is that you will have a better understanding of polishing the proper color on the proper nail shape. It is not just about blindly coloring the nails. Actually, it is a kind of art to make the nails become exquisite and beautiful at the same time. Otherwise, if you just choose any random color and put it on the nail, and then you will notice that the final outcome just becomes so vulgar. And this may be the last thing that you or your customers want. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start your nail job and learn some basic skills of making all those nails of different shapes become perfect. And you must believe in yourself that you will be the nail master eventually. The business of your nail salon would be prosperous because of your nail talents. And you will definitely have a great time by exploring this nail world. At last, if you have no experience of doing manicure in your real life, you should try this game!

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It is manicure madness over here and it’s your time to become the greatest Nail Salon of 2021! All you need to do is scrape, clip, paint, polish and perfect your client’s nails and you will be raking in the money in no time! Just don’t mess up! People don’t like when you accidentally pull their nails off. Ouch!

Game Features:

1. Nails, Nails, Nails!
Feet, fingers, hands, toes, if you can name it, you can fix it. Not all nails start off pretty. That’s your job! Can you fix them all?

2. Build your Salon!
Get rid of that old gross sofa and make it deluxe! From lamps to equipment and other furniture, can you make your salon the most elite in the world?

3. Secret VIP Clients
Every once and a while some very exclusive people come in to get their nails done. Can you attract them all? Do you recognize them?

4. Engaging Nail Simulator
If you aren’t going outside, there’s no need to waste time doing your own nails. Have fun spending time doing other people’s nails, remembering what it was like to do your own. It’s almost like the real thing!

6. New Features All the Time!
New people, procedures and paint all the time! Check in each day for new rewards and perks!

Sit back and relax in this free to play and satisfying time wasting game! Nail Salon 3D is the number 1 nail art game out there! Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. How good are you?

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Mr Bullet and i Peel Good!

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