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Magic Finger 3D
Magic Finger 3D

OS: Android

Version: 5.0

Size: 42M

Developer:Lucky Kat Studios

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Edit Notes

Magic Finger is a very interesting and creative game. In other similar games, you may have different types of weapons to wipe out your enemies. But in this game, you only have one finger. And you will be very wrong if you underestimate the power of this special finger. You need to know that this finger is magical. It just has superpowers. You can deal with a variety of enemies, if you can make full use of this finger. You should know that it is so easy for you to become addicted to this game. You will get hooked to the mysterious power stored in this magic finger. You will realize eventually that this finger is literally invincible. And it feels so nice to kill all of your enemies by lifting your finger. It is hard for you not to notice the shining light when your magic finger is releasing its superpower. So when you have nothing else to do or when you are suffering from searching for an interesting casual game to kill your spare time, you should definitely try this one. And your main task in this game is rather simple. You just need to kill all of those red figures by using your magic finger. And at the beginning, things are rather easy because the red figures are bare-handed and they are not armed. But after you play for some time, you will find that all the red figures are also armed with guns or other weapons. So it depends on your reaction speed and agility to kill these enemies before they shoot you down. And it is definitely not the right time for you to show mercy. You must take advantage and push the enemies down the cliff or explode them into pieces before they kill you. It is also a wise thing to use the bomb to ignite the oil bucket or other flammable objects around the red figures. This can help you save lots of energy. And sometimes the number of enemies is rather huge. So it is really hard for you to deal with so many enemies at one time. If you want to get a higher score, it is better for you to complete as many as double kills or even triple kills. So as you can see, there is no fixed pattern. You can just use your own wisdom to exert the maximum damage. Sometimes you will come across a giant red figure and if you find that there is no other way for you to kill the enemy, you can just throw all kinds of objects towards it without blinking your eyes. Otherwise, once this red figure gets close to you, it means you will be dead, and you need to start all over again. The most important thing is to keep calm no matter what happens. When the red figures are shooting at you, you must seize any objects around you to dodge those bullets. And if it is possible, you should never give your enemies a chance to shoot you from the beginning. So there is basically no time for you to waste. You must seize every minute to take the advantage. And it is always the right thing to take down the enemies with guns first. As for skills, you should always aim precisely and you should try your best to shorten your aiming time. If you waste too much time on aiming or if you just shoot the wrong target, your enemies will get the advantage to shoot you down first. In this way, you will fail to complete your mission. Of course, your shooting skills and aiming angle play a very important role while you are playing this game. But the more important thing is to keep calm. You can never lose your own pace. And you must not lose control of your finger no matter what happens. If you can merge into one with your finger, you will notice that you will become invincible all of a sudden. You need to know that it is just so normal for you to lose composure when you are watching those red figures running towards you in a frenzy way because it seems like that they are just so eager to tear you into pieces. Actually, there is no need for you to feel pressure. I would like to tell you a secret. And this secret is that if you are bold enough, you can actually catch the bullet with your bare hand. Amazing? So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to create your own record by using your magic finger. Although your opponents are really powerful and they are huge in number, they will turn into stones as soon as they are touched by your magic finger. You will experience a kind of mysterious force by playing this game. And you will definitely become obsessed with this force. It feels so nice to kill all those enemies by lifting the magic finger. At last, this game is really creative. All the scenarios in different levels are totally different. Sometimes you will fight against your enemies with your magic finger in a high platform; sometimes you find yourself in the middle of the ocean; and sometimes you may begin your battle against your enemies in the graveyard. But no matter in which situation, you will definitely enjoy yourself because it is so interesting and satisfying to throw the enemies into the ocean or to fight against those enemies by lifting the skeletons with your magic finger. And you should always remember that this is a war. So you must always try to figure out the best strategic plant to kill your enemies instead of using the brutal force. If you purely depend on the magical force of your finger, you will find that things will become quite challenging at the later part of the game. But I believe you will get your own trick to kill your enemies and you will be a talented controller of your magic finger. And you will certainly win the final victory in your own way. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start this exciting battle with your magic finger!

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Use your magic touch and surroundings to take out your foes! Defeat your enemies by throwing other enemies! Use explosive barrels to make a big impact! Sent your adversaries off the platform into the deep!

In this action you choose how you control the environment and can freely pick up anything you see. Use your finger to become the ultimate magic user!

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