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OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 130M


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This is a really useful game for you to improve and enlarge your English vocabulary. Maybe you think that memorizing English words is such a boring thing. And it is not effective enough. You just forget all of the words that you memorized one minute ago. And this situation happens a lot when you try to memorize English words in a mechanical way. But this game can help you solve your problem in a very interesting way. Numerous words are included in this game. And it is very interesting for you to remember all of those words one by one through filling the blanks with letters. After you play this game for a period of time, you will realize that you can easily put these words into your heart. Although sometimes the situation will become very challenging, the scientific word pattern of this game is definitely more interesting and more effective for you to memorize English words. And it is very time-consuming for you to memorize all those English words by playing this game. So if you are a player who tries to find some useful and interesting way to enlarge and expand your English vocabulary, you should not miss this game. This game can help you easily memorize those strange words. There is no need for you to spend a lot of time practicing your memorizing skills in this game. Everyday you just need to take out like 10 minutes to memorize these words contained in this game. If you can form a habit of playing this game everyday, you will find that it sharpens your mind and your vocabulary is greatly improved. Sometimes, things will be challenging, of course. But if you try your best and solve all these puzzles one by one, you will enjoy this modern world puzzle game and you will definitely immerse yourself into the beautiful background scenery, which can help ease and relax your mind. The word-searching process will not be very difficult. But if you want to memorize all of those words, you must keep concentrating on your puzzles and you must challenge yourself to connect as many letters as possible and find all the hidden words. If your performance is good enough, you will have the chance to unlock all the stunning landscape background to relax your brain. After you try this addictive word puzzle game, you will never experience a dull moment of memorizing English words. Once you start to play this crossword game, you just cannot put it down. So if you are just anxiously looking for some game that can help you enlarge your English vocabulary, this game is your final destination. There is no need for you to waste more time to find other word puzzle games. And if you already have a very good vocabulary power, you will find that it is very easy for you to connect those letters and find all the hidden words. There are altogether more than 6000 crossword puzzles. So it is time for you to get your word hunt on. If you want to see the beauty of the destination, you must be patient. And you must willingly challenge your vocabulary power and your brain power. As you can see, it is definitely simple for anybody to play this word puzzle game. And there is no time limit. So you can definitely complete each level by following your own pace. It is time for you to have some fun and relax yourself. There is definitely no need for you to hurry. And you will find that actually it is very relaxing and very interesting to have this word hunting. Over 10 million players around the world like this game very much out of different reasons. So if you are a fan of word puzzle game, this is a perfect game for you to play. And you will definitely fall in love with the gorgeous landscapes. It feels so comfortable to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you are solving your puzzles. And if you are a parent, it is also very advisable for you to play this game with your kids. This game presents your kids with many letters and a crossword board. By filling the blanks with the correct letters, your kids can successfully solve the puzzles. It is just as simple as that. And it is definitely very helpful for you to help your kids enlarge his or her vocabulary. In the meantime, this game will also help train your kid's lateral thinking ability. And your kids will also be proud of him himself or herself because of the ever-growing vocabulary. And since this game requires players to put specific letters into the specific blanks on the board, your kid will form a very strict thinking pattern during this process. But there are no hints to guide your kid every time when he or she gets stuck. So it is better for you to be around and provide the necessary hints from time to time. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to walk into the world of words and enjoy yourself. You will find that it is inevitable for you to make many errors. And you will go through different kinds of trials again and again. But after surviving all the struggles, you will definitely have a very satisfying vocabulary storage. It is a very profitable and wise way for you to kill your spare time. It is not just about having fun. It is also a very scientific and interesting English words learning process!

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