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Block Ops II FREE
Block Ops II FREE


Version: 8.0

Size: 59M

Developer:Ammonite Design Studios Ltd

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In your mind, is justice important? Do you always find that this world is not just enough? Do you think that this world is not safe enough? And you always want to do something about it, but you cannot find out how and feel powerless. Here comes the opportunity for you to change the unjust world and make it more safe and beautiful. By completing this mission, you would be a hero respected by everyone around you. In this game, you will be a fighter whose mission is to take down a ferocious man who is trying to run away from the sentence of the law, which is totally unacceptable because everyone who tries to break the law should be taken responsible for his or her bad behaviour. But this law-breaker in this game is very strong, and there is no way to take him down. So it is your turn to try your best and to do something for everybody who might be angry with this bad man. All the graphics in this game are wonderful. And there are all kinds of weapons with different functions and features available. They would give you all the power in the world when you are fighting with the bad man in this game. So this is the best time for you to show all your strength and become the super hero who would save everyone from the unjust situations. So what are you waiting for? Take up your guns and other weapons and fight with this law-breaker!

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