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Drift Car City Racing Traffic
Drift Car City Racing Traffic

OS: Android

Version: 2.3

Size: 43M


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This is a wonderful 3D game. And it is totally for Free. So if you are a fan of car racing game, it will be a huge regret for you to miss this one. You will find a totally different kind of feeling while you are playing this game because it is unlike to other similar popular racing games. You can drive different types of vehicles. And as for the skills, it is very easy for you to control the cars. There are two controlling systems available. You can use the touch screen controls to turn, or you can tilt your smart phone from one side to another to control the direction. Maybe it will be a little bit difficult for you to find the right feeling at first. But after you try for some time, you will find that everything is so amazing. Even if your phone is not smart enough, you can still enjoy the game. And it will be of great help in terms of improving your driving skill. If you can successfully become an excellent driver in the game, which can help you better control your real cars in your real life. You will have a better sense of direction. And your reaction speed will also be accelerated when you're in an emergent situation. Reacting really fast is one of the most important skills for a driver. Of course, there are other benefits and surprises for you. And it is up to you find all of them one by one by yourself. Everything is so amazing. You can drive your favorite car while listening to your favorite music. And you can even feel the wind softly stroking your hair if you would like to close your eyes and fully immerse yourself into this world. The whole atmosphere is so wonderful. You will just forget everything while you are racing with your favourite car, including all of your worries and your troubles. The things that have been haunting you are not important any more. So just feel free to try different things. And in order to enjoy all the beautiful background scenery, you can try to change the camera angles and select the best one that fits for your gaming style. Believe me, this is a noteworthy driving game. You will love it because of its precise system controls, its various cars and circuits and its pretty decent graphics. And you will find all your passion for racing back while you are drifting in the city. Sometimes when you're in the bad traffic, you will find out that the cops are chasing behind you. Of course, it is the high time for you to run. But if you want to successfully get out of the trouble, you must show your true strength. Your excellent and perfect driving skill will be the only thing that you can count on under such kind of situation. And no matter what happens, please always keep calm. If you panicked, you will just lose your sense of direction. So it is your racing time. You can just put aside everything else and fully enjoy the fast speed. You will feel unprecedented pleasure brought to you by the fast speed. There is no words to describe such kind of amazing feeling. You just need to try it for yourself. Start your journey right now! The new racing world is opening for you and your favourite car! Try your best and you will be the next racing champion!

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Do you have the experience of racing fast cars with famous racing experts? Do you like driving cool sports cars around the world? the game will give you the ultimate and thrilling racing experience.

You need strong racing skills and superb drifting skills on offroad bumpy tracks. Take advantage of your smart car driving skills and perfect drift on sharp turns and deserted forest tracks. Do not make any mistakes while drifting on the busy city highway, in which you can not loosen your high-speed sports car. Established in the City Racing Championship winning streak, out of seasoned racer, become a high-speed traffic racing game master.

The real racing game allows you to enjoy car drift adventure and racing car fever. Dragging simulation games includes a variety of deadly kill tracks and viaduct challenging racing techniques on your off-road tracks. Step on the gas pedal to the bottom to enjoy the energetic rally car race.

Drift Car City Racing Traffic Features:
- High-quality driving experience
- Refit your car
- Simple and smooth control
- Fast paced racing game
- Amazing music and sound effects
- real beautiful scene
- a variety of cool racing
- Realistic racing physics

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