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FGTeeV Goozy
FGTeeV Goozy

OS: Android

Version: 4.4

Size: 113M

Developer:BDT Digital LLC

* For reference, The FGTeeV Goozy game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

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The whole atmosphere of this game is a little bit spooky. You will feel like that you are actually a ghost detective. You will explore a big house full of different types of slimy surprises. Your main goal is to save the FGTeeV family. And in order to complete your mission, you must learn to use the powerful Multitool which will help you adventure around this mysterious house of Dr. Jax. No matter what happens, you must be brave. And you can never lose control of your Multitool because this is your ultimate weapon to solve the puzzles. Besides, you must always keep concentrating while you are playing this game because there is always something lurking around. So it is definitely necessary for you to keep your eyes open. In order to survive, sometimes you must hide yourself. It is natural if you just jump out of your seat while playing this scary game of hide and seek. All you need to do is to survive as long as possible. The longer you can stay alive, the better chance you will have to discover all the dark secrets that the house has to offer. There are a lot of hidden secrets in this room. It is your responsibility to uncover them one by one. Your memory plays a very important role during this process. If you have a very good memory, it will be very easy for you to solve all the puzzles. Although this game is a little bit spooky and weird, you will also find that it is very easy for you to become addicted to it. If you play this game with your other family members, you will hear a lot of yelling and exclamations. And this is a perfect game for you to enjoy with your other family members. When you fail to find other means to kill your spare time or if you have nothing else to do before going to bed at night, it is also very sweet for you to have some fun time together in this wonderful game. As for the game play, it is simple. If you are new to such kind of strategy game, you can always turn to the board which is the first thing that you see when you walk into this mysterious room. You can regard this board as the game's tutorial. This board will give you vital clues to help you find the key. And if you cannot find the right way to the basement, you can also consult the board. The key is that you can never get panic even if you see Goozy. And you should know that actually Goozy moves pretty slow, especially on the early stage. You can easily outrun this horrible creature. If you would like to, you can always find a cupboard to hide in. The good news is that you are safe to come out again once the purple light effect disappears from the edge of your screen. But sometimes you will find that you just have no idea where you are after you came out from the cupboard. It is very natural for you to get lost in this big house. And it is normal if you find that you cannot figure out which rooms you have been in. So it is more effective if you can manage to search this mysterious house in a methodical way, or if you can try to search this house by following some fixed order. You can also choose to pinpoint key locations to return to the original place. You can use the boarded up doors, the breaker box and other obvious locations as your pinpoints. Of course, you can always check the map to find your current location. Maps are super useful. So it is time for you to start your adventure. You should be more intelligent than the slime monster Goozy. And you should never give him the chance to hunt you down in this house because once he notices your existence, he will not give up until he catches you. It is annoying to be chased by such a hideous monster. And you should know that even if he is rather slow at the beginning, he will grow faster as you solve more and more puzzles in this house. This implies that the more progress you make, the more difficult this game will become. So as you can see, it is rather challenging to complete all the tasks while being stalked by a killer. And you should not forget that you only have three lives per run of the game. Anyway, you will have a lot of fun in this mysterious house from the beginning of the game to the last minute. And you will be excited at the moment when you find this slime vacuum module as your Multitool. Even if this game is rather challenging, once you get familiar with the pattern, you will find that it will become more and more easy for you to search the house for modules to unlock new areas and solve puzzles. So if you have nothing else to do, it is definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time having some great time in this mysterious house. You will have a really exceptional adventure. You will scream a lot during the process. But in the meantime, you will also forget all of your other worries and concerns for a moment!

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Explore a house full of weird technology and slimy surprises as you attempt to save the FGTeeV family. Take control of the powerful Multitool to help on your adventure around the mysterious house of Dr. Jax. The Multitool is your ultimate weapon when it comes to solving the many puzzles that exist in house.

Keep your eyes open because something is always lurking around! What is that slimy creature? Where did it come from? Where is Dr. Jax?

Step into the world of Goozy and prepare for an out of this world adventure!

∙ Goozy features the FGTeeV Family as they come to Smart Phones and Tablets like never before!
∙ Jump out of your seat while playing this scary game of hide and seek.
∙ Hide to survive! The longer you can stay alive, the better chance you have at discovering all the secrets the house has to offer!
∙ Use the Multitool and your memory to solve puzzles.

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