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Racing in Car
Racing in Car

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 39M

Developer:Fast Free Games

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Maybe you're tired of playing racing games with the third person perspective. In this game, you will have new 3D realistic cockpit view. And unlike other similar games, it will be very easy for you to learn and drive, especially if you have some real driving experience or skills, and then it might be easier and simpler for you to control the car in this game. Believe me, this is the most wonderful mobile game you have been searching for. There are endless tracks available in this game. And the environment is also good. You will fully relax yourself while you're playing this game. And it is very easy for you to control your car. You can just tilt your phone to let it get to wherever you want it to be. And there are no strict traffic rules for you. You can run as fast as you can without any other considerations. It feels really wonderful to overtake other cars. It is also very important for you to collect all the coins rewarded for your good performance. With these coins, you can buy new cars and upgrade the functions of your car. In this way, your car will be of better performance. And there are different types of game modes available. You can ask your friend to enjoy driving in different modes with you. Together, you can choose different locations and colors. Of course, there will be wonderful music of different types and characteristics. Eventually you will find your favorite one. And nothing in this world can compare with such a wonderful feeling of driving your favorite car while listening to your favorite music. Generally speaking, this is a wonderful car simulation game. You will find all the happiness here. And because there are no traffic rules or traffic jam, you can completely relax yourself and enjoy the really fast speed. You are totally free here. And it is a really smart choice to spend some happy time together with your friend in this world. And if you're a really excellent driver, you can also join the competition and try your best to be the champion. Show your real strength. Try not to hold anything back. It is your show time. So just free yourself and enjoy yourself by displaying your real excellent driving skills. It is time for you to impress the world with your amazing car control ability. Nothing can stop you in this world to be an excellent driver. Just believe in yourself and start your journey right now. You will find a totally new world. And the fast speed will give you the feeling of absolute freedom. Everything will be so amazing and unforgettable that you will want to try again and again!

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Sick of endless racing games with third person perspective? Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you have been looking for. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Tilt your device to drag your car wherever you want, overtake traffic, earn coins and buy new cars.

- Easy to learn and drive
- 3D realistic cockpit view
- Endless game mode
- Different locations and cars to choose
- Simulator-like controls

Try Racing in Car now to see how far the mobile racing experience come nowadays.

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