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Beach Buggy Racing
Beach Buggy Racing

OS: Android/IOS

Version: 4.1

Size: 79M

Developer:Vector Unit

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This is a really exciting game. You can race against many rival drivers. Each of them has unique personalities and special skills and abilities. Besides, you can build a series of crazy power-ups, including Oil Slick, Fireball and Dodgeball Frenzy. It feels so amazing to unlock a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks. And it feels even better to upgrade these cars step by step. You can test your driving skills in six different game modes. Each mode has its own distinctive features. And there are altogether 15 imaginative and wonderful 3D race tracks. Your goal is very simple. You can just utilize your driving skills to the ultimate and collect as many creative power-up as possible to reach to the finishing line. It is not only a good looking 3D racing game in which you can have a crazy road rage, but also an epic BATTLE with spectacular physics-based game play. And to have better and more personal gaming experience, you can try to customize your cars. With the winnings you get, you can try to upgrade your unique cars from monster trucks to muscle cars to lunar rovers. And if you would like to, you can try tons of amazing power-ups included in the game. This game crushes other kart-racing games with over 25 unique power-ups. And you will definitely fall in love with those 15 spectacular racing tracks. Each track will give you totally different game feeling. You can recruit a team of racers to play with. So this is the best racing game that you can share with your friends. Together you will have the chance to explore the dinosaur-infested green jungles, beautiful beaches, mysterious swamps, and lava-spewing volcanoes. It is so exciting and so wonderful to go through such an exciting exploration adventure. And each race track is full of surprises and hidden shortcuts. So it depends on you and your friends to find your own joy. Another advantage to play with your friends is that each of you can choose a character with unique power, like flaming fire tracks, confusion spells and teleportation. So you can save a lot of time and energy to reach to your destination through team work. And it is a really exciting thing to race shoulder-to-shoulder with your best friends on one screen. And there are no strict restrictions of any kind. You can just play the way as you want. It is definitely okay to choose between multiple control options and customize them. Now it is time for you to try this decent kart-racing game. It is really fun to drive amazing cars in this mysterious world. And you will find joy no matter you play it alone or with your friends. And it will blow you away since the controls are simple and there are enough space for you to enjoy yourself. Even if it has some flaws, you will get used to over time. It will not influence the "party-fun" feeling of the game. But if you look for some serious kart-racing game. This game may not be your best choice because there are not too much ground-breaking contents. Anyway, it is worthwhile for you to give this game a chance. The soundtrack is pleasing to the ears. The graphics are amazing. And the whole atmosphere is so relaxing. You will feel like everything is so refreshing. And there is no pressure and no burden when you are racing forward. You will just get addicted to this kind of amazing feeling. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start the engine and race forward fearlessly!

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Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race against a field of rival drivers, each with unique personalities and special abilities. Build a collection of crazy powerups, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks. Test your skills in 6 different game modes on 15 imaginative 3D race tracks, against a pack of tropical-loving rivals with a serious case of road rage!

This is the official sequel Beach Buggy Blitz, the free driving game with over 30 Million players worldwide. Fast, furious, fun and FREE, Beach Buggy Racing is a kart-racing island adventure for all ages.


Utilize your driving skills and a collection of creative powerups to fight your way to the finish line. It’s not just a great looking 3D racing game, it’s an epic battle with spectacular physics-based gameplay!

Use your winnings to collect and upgrade a garage full of unique cars, from monster trucks to muscle cars to lunar rovers!

Beach Buggy Racing crushes other kart racers with over 25 totally unique Powerups ... and more Powerups are coming!

Explore dinosaur-infested jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and mysterious swamps. Each unique race track is packed with hidden shortcuts and surprises.

Recruit a team of drivers to play with, each with a unique special power like teleportation, flaming fire tracks, and confusion spells.

Race shoulder-to-shoulder with up to 4 friends on Android TV, or a TV-connected phone or tablet. (Requires In-App Purchase)

Compete with your friends on Leaderboards, earn Achievements, back up your game to the cloud, and keep multiple devices in sync with your Google account.

Seamlessly switch between tilt steering, touch-screen, and USB/Bluetooth gamepad. Customize the 3D graphics settings to optimize your play experience.


If you encounter a problem running the game, please email us at [email protected] Be sure to include the device you're using, Android OS version, and a detailed description of your problem.

We GUARANTEE if we can't fix a purchasing problem we'll give you a refund. But we can't help you if you just leave your problem in a review.

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