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Superhero Ninja Battle
Superhero Ninja Battle

OS: Android

Version: 4.1

Size: Varies with device


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Come into the world of robot fighting! It is time for you to be an invincible superhero! Let your blood boil and unleash all your passion! In this game, you will have a really exciting adventure in the city of vice. You will have the opportunity to enjoy all the superpowers that you have ever watched in the action movies. All the streets in this game are dark. You will see a lot of crime scenes and mafia gangs. The whole city is haunted by a kind of unspeakable fear. The civilians in this city are living in total despair. And they are anxiously waiting for some outside help. But there is nothing that the police and the army forces can do to cope with this bad situation. So the people keep living in despair and there is no hope for them. But it seems that they see the light of hope since the robot fighting master appeared. And that is you! Only you can help this city. You are their only savior. Even if people don’t know your true name and identity, you must try your best to save them, to kick all these villains out of the neighborhoods and streets. So you must be wise when you fighting against these bad guys. This fighting, of course, is fierce, but it is not only about violence or force. It is also about your strategic plan. Technically speaking, it is not very difficult for you to play this game if you have some childhood memories about fighting games; you just need to tap buttons to make some attacks, punches and kicks. If there is an emergent situation, you can always turn to different types of devastating weapons from the ground. Besides, you can also combine some jumps and other tricks to take your enemy down in the blink of an eye. So if you are a robot fan or some superhero game fan, you will like this game dearly. You will find a lot of fun here. And you just need to forget everything else and plunge into the fighting. Eventually, there is no doubt that you will become an absolute champion. There is no need for you to show any mercy on these gangs. You just need to unleash your wrath on these villains. And always remember that the future of the city depends on you! Now it is time for you to become a real super hero and rescue the city. You will not only fight against the mafia gangsters and bullies, but also fight against various futuristic battle robots. So try to show your full strength and show them the real power of an iron giant. Run and rush as fast as you can through the various locations of the city before it is too late. Always remember that you are an unbeatable and brave warrior. The people of the city are still waiting for your rescue. You are their only hope. So there is no way back for you. You must keep going forward no matter what kinds of fighting skills that you might adopt. You must win. You can not lose! And you fear nothing! This is your battle ground. You are the only one who is in charge!

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Enjoy the new and best action superhero and robot fighting game! Rush into street and fight as the crime fighter superhero you are in the city of vice!

This ninja robot fighting adventure game takes place in a city of dark streets. Unknown crime lords attacked the city and your ninja superhero should win to mafia gangs! Civilians waited for some help, but police and even army forces were unable to cope with gangster mafia villains. They had no hope and it seems that everything was going to ruin but robot fight ninja master appeared! People want to kick away thugs from their hoods and streets. So handle the superhero to beat iron enemies on streets in one of the best robot heroes fighting games!

It's very easy, we made it in classic arcade style, like in superhero fighting games of your childhood memories. Tap buttons to make robotics melee attacks - punches and kicks. Tap on the attack button to pick up different devastating weapons from the ground. Combine jumps and blocks to be the most dexterous warrior of superheroes games! Try to win in survival battles, get points for every successful street fight and unlock new improvements for your future robot fighting hero!

The gang of offenders took the city of dark streets to their control, stop crime lord activity - iron of blades of the steel hero are waiting for making the critical annihilation to every enemy on your way! Wear the future superhero mask and armor, take katana and other devastating weapons and go streets to eliminate enemies on outlaw fights!

This fighting game has been made for robot fans and superheroes games fans. Perform unpredictable and with your iron ninja robot attack and defeat rivals to gain access to the next superhero level. Collect coins to unlock new combo and get incredible super abilities to become an absolute champion in combat fighter games! Unleash your rage on streets of vice in a future city!

Enjoy action-packed mortal battles of superheroes iron robots vs supervillains and gangsters. Use the fantastic power of the super heroes in the future fight on various locations of the city of dark streets. Unlock new fightings styles like kung fu, karate or even krav maga! Vary your melee attacks and ranged combat with new abilities in the ninja robot fighting game.

Like other superhero fighting games, you will get a chance to become a real superhero and rescue the city! Play this ultimate fighting game for mobile with super heroes ninja from a comic book that fights with hordes of gangs!

You are a super man and you move like a spider avoiding be dead. Plunge like in a pool into this futuristic war game with our cool super heroes! Make your own justice in this superhero fighting adventures with cool graphics that can compete with the best fighting games! The great combination of fantastically enthralling gameplay and easy controls of robot games wouldn't leave you indifferent. Are you ready to fight in the coolest superhero battle game?

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