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Dropping Ball
Dropping Ball

OS: Android

Version: 4.1

Size: 22M

Developer:Len Fox Game

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Edit Notes

Have you ever played ball games? Do you fancy ball games? Or do you want to try some easy ball games? If you have ever played ball games, you will find that different ball games have their own characteristics. Some ball games are very challenging. Some ball games are very easy and relaxing. But this ball game is really special. It is even very easy for kids to play this game. It involves no complicated skills at all. And it does not require players to finish any sophisticated things. You can just click on the lucky wheel above the screen. And the balls will keep falling down. This game is designed for you to enjoy yourself. There is no need for you to worry about your game experience or your skills. You can just relax and have some great time with the colorful balls. If you are a parent, it is very suitable for you to play this game with your kid. And your kid will feel a deep sense of satisfaction by releasing all of those balls and let them fall down from the lucky wheel. It is just like doing magic. And it is very easy for your kid to try such kind of ball-releasing activity. With the sweet background music, the whole game atmosphere is really sweet and relaxing. You will feel no pressure at all while you are playing this game. Although this game is rather simple, it will bring you a lot of joy and happiness. It can remind you of a lot of sweet things that happened during your childhood. It is very similar to the lucky wheel that you have played when you were a child. So you can just sit back and then have some wonderful adventure with these falling balls. There is no need for you to make a record. And you do not need to compete against any opponents or enemies. In this world of colorful balls, you are the sole player. And you can control all of these colorful balls. These cute balls will make your world become colorful all of a sudden. And you will find that nothing else matters anymore. It can help you forget all of your worries and concerns. You can just quietly sit there and watch all of the colorful balls falling down one by one. And when they touch the columns located at the bottom of the screen, they will create some beautiful music. And you will definitely enjoy the whole process. Dropping all of these balls can make you relax your whole body. And you will forget everything else by immersing yourself into this world of balls. And by dropping all of the balls, you can also learn to drop down all of your problems and concerns at the same time. So this game is very fit for you to play when you are facing some tricky problems in your daily life. It will give you a moment of peace and enjoyment. It can temporarily keep all of those problems and worries away from you. In our daily life, we are always anxious and looking for some challenging things to prove ourselves, to prove that we are excellent enough to take down all of these enemies and to deal with all those tricky problems. We are so proud of ourselves that if we can manage to find the courage and strength to destroy all these virtual enemies, because the real enemies in our real life are so powerful that there is basically nothing we can do about them. Actually, it is not very wise and useful for us to keep our mental health. If we can just face our problems directly, and if we can just sit down and quietly enjoy such kind of easy ball-dropping games, we can successfully develop a special ability for us to make our life back into an orderly way no matter what happens. Sometimes we just live our life by using too much force. We just push ourselves too hard. If we can just learn to sit down and let life turn its own tide, sometimes you will find that things will be better, just like playing this ball-dropping game. If we can just click the lucky wheel and let all the balls drop down naturally, we can better enjoy ourselves and better enjoy our time. Of course, it requires a kind of amazing ability to destroy all of those invisible enemies in those violent games. But you should also cherish this ability of slowing yourself down by playing some simple games in a happy way. It is very important for us to keep running forward in our life. But it is more important for us to enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery on our journey. It will be a huge mistake and regret for us to lose this chance to enjoy our life. There is no need for us to rush forward all the time. It is time for you to slow down a little bit and give yourself some spare time to play some simple game and to enjoy your life. You will find that things will be totally different if you can allow your life to take its own course. It is the same thing for you to wait patiently and let those colorful balls drop down one by one. As the old saying goes, "Haste makes waste", it is time for you to try to kill your spare time in a different way. And you will find that you will enjoy life better by enjoying some slow and easy games. And releasing all those colorful and cute balls by keeping tapping on your screen is a really wonderful thing!

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Here is a fun game I want to recommend to you!

Click to throw the ball, and the ball will fall from the top of the lucky machine; the more balls you get, the more rewards you will get, and you will also meet the magical eggs, collect them, and get unexpected rewards. !

In short, all you need to do is keep dropping the ball!!!

This game is completely free and can be played anytime, anywhere, download it now!

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