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Cover Strike - 3D Team Shooter
Cover Strike - 3D Team Shooter

OS: Android

Version: 4.1

Size: 61M

Developer:Top Actions

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Are you one of the FPS fans? If your answer is yes, you will enjoy yourself a lot in this game. Cover Strike-3D Team Shooter is a really wonderful offline team shooting game, which is especially designed for FPS lovers. You will find out that you are really good at shooting by playing this game, which can greatly improve your self-confidence. And in real life, it is hard and forbidden for people to shoot real guns. But in this game, you will have the opportunity to try all types of guns, including snipers, which will feel like shooting real guns. It is really interesting and exciting to join the fierce battle with your best friends and to destroy all the enemies through teamwork. It is very important for you to work together with your teammates to fight against your enemies. You can never finish your job as a lone wolf. Believe me, it is more interesting to explore this new world with your best friends than to fight alone. So when it is necessary and when you find your teammate is in danger, always remember to cover your teammate's back and to protect each other. Of course, there will be amazing weapons available. It is really cool to try each of them. There are more than 20 skinned modern guns like eagle. Besides, it is a kind of visual feast to enjoy all the realistic 3D graphics and cool and vivid animation. You will never feel boring. Everything feels so amazing. You will feel both passion and power. There are many maps with different tactics. And all the tasks included in different maps have their own distinctive features. Although this is a really wonderful shooting game, it is totally for Free. And it is very easy for you to play this game. The control is really smooth. And the most exciting news is that you can play it everywhere and anytime, even if you are offline and there is no internet connection available. And there is no need to worry about the performance of your device because even if your device is not qualified enough, the game system will provide you with perfect optimization automatically. Overall, this is a really great game. And once you try it for yourself, you might find your own surprises. And the key is that always aim precisely because the number of your ammo is limited. And even if it is relatively easy for you to kill all of your targets, but you should never underestimate the real strength of your enemies. If you do or try anything reckless before you are fully prepared, it will bring you into a very dangerous situation. And even if there are some ads input into this game, but it will not influence your game experience. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to try this perfect shooting game. You will find the golden chance to challenge yourself in completing all the tasks. Just invite your friends to start your fighting journey together. You will be unstoppable. And you will be epic. And all the details, especially the bombing and exploding effects will blow your mind up. The shooting is also awesome. And the best thing is that you can show your real strength and fully enjoy yourself by using all the amazing weapons. It is a good chance for you to improve your shooting ability. At last, if your performance is good enough, you can take down all of your enemies all by yourself. Wish you luck!

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Are you FPS Fans? Cover Strike(CS) is a 3d fps offline team shooting game designed for FPS fans.Join the battle and destory all enemies with your team now.It's totally free to play !

New maps,new weapons,new game modes are waiting for you in this incredible action game,where terrorists and your team going to engage the battle not for life,but to death.

√ More than 20 skinned modern guns like Desert eagle,AK47,M4A1,AWP,GATLIN and so on.
√ Realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
√ Many maps with different tactics
√ Easy play and smooth control
√ Completely offline that you can play everywhere and any time
√ Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

You can download and play this game by free.Please be informed that it also allows you to purchase virtual items within app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party website.

If you have any problem please feel free to contact us via:

Email:[email protected]

Enjoy yourself!

Battle not for life ,but to death!

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