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TMNT: Mutant Madness
TMNT: Mutant Madness

OS: Android

Version: 5.0

Size: 145M


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This game will have a permanent place on your phone once you try it. This is a very interesting game. It is better for you to run through the guided tutorial to get familiar with the background story. If you would like to spend some time in learning all the relative stories, you will have a better game experience and you can immerse yourself into this game in a deeper way. You will know that the turtles have already defeated Shredder and the Foot Clan once and for all. And now it is your time to lead these heroes going through one battle after another and fight against a large number of enemies as well as bosses. Your journey will be full of trial and tribulations. But you will have the chance to organize an invincible team. The most exciting thing is that you can have Casey Jones and April O'Neil as your team members. It feels so exciting to fight with your favorite characters. You will also come across some of the TMNT universe's most iconic villains such as Rocksteady and Tokka. Because it is not easy to defeat all those powerful enemies, it is definitely necessary for you to activate special abilities for your characters. In this way, your heroes will give you a leg up on your foes. The greatest thing is that even if one of your favorite characters gets knocked out, it is no big deal. This character will be ready to go into the next encounter without having to apply any healing or other forms of resources. As you progress, you can level up and upgrade your characters in order to make them become more powerful, which will definitely be needed as the difficulty level improves with each encounter. You should always remember to check the pre-fight gauge because it will show your potential success rate at the end of each encounter. It will allow you to fully prepare for each encounter beforehand. In this way, you will have a bigger chance of winning. It is a worthwhile strategy for you to apply in each battle. Each victory will reward you with results which can be used to unlock additional abilities and to enhance your characters' level ratings. Believe me, this game will sink its teeth into you. So it is time for you to gather and train your team members to build a powerful squad which consists of your favorite characters. By controlling this squad, you can complete quests to earn bodacious rewards. And it can also bring some fun to your life by taking control a turtle lair. About the lair, you should know that it can generate resources automatically even if you are not playing this game right now. This point explains why this game is so addicting. You will also have the chance to unlock and upgrade new living rooms to help your heroes. At last, it is so exciting to have this mysterious adventure with your heroes and fight against those classic villains, including Shredder. In a word, this is a very interesting role-playing game. You will never regret for trying it. The thing is that this is a fast-paced game. So you must keep concentrating all the time while you are fighting against your enemies. If you were distracted by other things, which means that you will lose your advantage. But you will have a totally awesome new adventure in this game. You will be a true hero by cooperating with your heroes to save this world. You and your allies are the only ones who can stop this chaos. So you must try your best and do whatever you can. Of course, it is definitely an amazing thing to be a hero with super powers. In the meantime, it is also a great responsibility. You need to sacrifice a lot for completing your mission. But if you try your best, you will all soon receive reward for your efforts. If you are searching for some role playing games, you should not miss this one. It has its own distinct features. And it will definitely give you a wholly new experience. It feels so nice to fight with your teammates against those villains. And you will have a new idea about your understanding of turtles. Typically, we think that turtles run very slow and they cannot jump. But in this game, you will find that turtles can run so fast that they can actually create wonderful miracles. And in the meantime, turtles are very intelligent and wise. So what are you still waiting for? It is the high time for you to start your adventure and complete your sacred mission of saving this world from collapsing. You must have confidence in yourself that you can be a qualified hero and you can eventually defeat all those villains. The justice cannot be destroyed. So you must try your best to bring light into the universe. And during this process, you will definitely enjoy yourself a lot. Maybe at the beginning, you just think this game is just mediocre. But believe me, after you try for some time, you will become addicted to it. You will frequently play it. You just want to seize every minute to have fun here. It can bring you into a totally different world. Here you are the hero and no one can give you orders!

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Hey dudes! Nickelodeon presents TMNT: Mutant Madness!

The whole green team shell crew are here! Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello to save the multiverse. Collect allies (and enemies) in a fight to save Dimension X.


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